Where Can We Enjoy Kayaking with Dolphins?

Do you have interest in the aquatic sports, especially kayaking?

Or are you keen on seeing and playing with the dolphins?

All of my sharing below will be the most suitable for those people who are in love with kayaking and dolphins at the same time. You will discover the incredible places where you can satisfy your hobby. As a consequence, you should not hesitate anymore and hurry to read my article at this moment. By this way, you can identify the amazing destinations to enjoy kayaking with dolphins with your beloved people.

Where to Go Kayaking with Dolphins?

Kona, Hawaii

First of all, we are going to make our journey to Kona, which is the West Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. When coming to this place, you can enjoy the beautiful shorelines, approach the dolphins, and exercise at the same time since kayaking is similar to riding a bike in the water.

Moreover, many people tend to pay for expensive tours to find the dolphins. But you only need to rent a kayak by yourselves, and you can see the dolphins everywhere. You can also sit still in your kayak, and wait for the dolphins to come. But make sure to choose the best kayak paddle to have a perfect adventure.

Furthermore, you are able to visit the Captain Cook monument. And well, you can only see this monument from the kayak because you are not supposed to land unless you are on a licensed tour. With all of the fantastic benefits, why don’t you choose this place instantly, and go kayaking next to the friendly dolphins?

Milford Sound, New Zealand

The second place in this list will belong to Milford Sound in New Zealand. I used to have a chance to go kayaking here, and I could not forget this incredible experience in my entire life. You will feel very enthusiastic about the dolphins swimming around you and in front of the boat.

In particular, there are a number of dolphins in this place, and you will definitely become immersed in this dolphin world. Besides, you can chase and race with the dolphins, which will remain as one of the most unforgettable moments in your life.

Byron Bay, Australia

Next, we are going to travel to Byron Bay, which is popular for anyone with kayaking interest. The whole adventure will give you the maximum satisfaction. Especially, you can go near the dolphins and play around with them.

However, you only need to be careful before getting started. For the beginners, you may find it very difficult to start kayaking and keep the balance. But everything will be better from time to time and make sure that you can deal with the massive waves during your kayaking.

Binalong Bay, Tasmania

Going to the next one, we cannot ignore the Binalong Bay. This location is very suitable for those people who are in need of the holiday. You can go there with your family, and meet the friendly dolphins when kayaking.

It is very fantastic to look through the water and catch the moment of the dolphins. I think that most people are interested in capturing these moments and share with their beloved people. You will feel totally happy when seeing the dolphins jump out of the water in front of your eyes. You cannot have a lot of chances to see this sight many times in your life.

Tenerife, Los Cristianos

Another destination that you should keep in mind is Tenerife, Los Cristianos. Going to this location can allow you to get close to the dolphins in their habitat without interrupting their freedom. This kayaking adventure will enable you to observe the dolphins clearly from your kayak.

And of course, you do not need to worry about frightening them. I have to say that you will be surprised to see a number of different types of dolphins in only one place. For example, you can become one with the bottlenose dolphins, the striped dolphins, along with other common dolphins.

Moreover, you can swim in the crystal water as well as enjoy the incredible view of nature. In particular, you can experience the coastline along with the mountains from your kayak. All of these fantastic factors will certainly make your trip memorable for a long time.

Virginia Beach

When it comes to kayaking with dolphins, we cannot forget Virginia beach for many reasons. Apart from the friendly dolphins, you can also get the opportunities to get close to many curious creatures. I am sure that you do not need to have much experience when go kayaking with dolphins, but you should know some basic tips for your safety.

Besides, swimming is considered one of the necessary skills, so you can swim comfortably in the ocean. And can you imagine when there are various dolphins next to you? This is a great scene, and you cannot get back this moment many times in your life.

Cape Town

Last but not least, Cape Town will be the location to complete our list. This is an incredible place that not many words can help you to describe its beauty. You can follow a school of dolphins in the deep blue water.

Also, you can quickly feel astonished by the outstanding landscape of Atlantic Outlook. I can never forget the moment when sitting in the kayak and watch the whole new perspective of Cape Town. All of your senses will be awakened in front of the magnificent view of this ocean.

This adventure is more and more meaningful when you go with your close friends or your family. You will enjoy the moment when spotting the dolphins that will jump up high in the air. There may be some time when the dolphins splash the water and wet your clothes. But I am sure that it is worth your experience.

Also, after playing with the dolphins, you can have a tour around the Cape Town to visit many nice places. You can paddle around the kelp forest, visit Table Mountain as well as Lion Heads. They are totally unique and different from the urban view that you always meet every day.

Believe my words, and you will definitely love this place once you set your first footstep here!


In summary, I hope that all of my sharing in this article will help you gain more knowledge about this special aspect. From now on, you do not have to spend much time searching the locations for kayaking with dolphins. This article is the best solution for anyone who loves kayaking and dolphins so much. And well, I am very happy to share my ideas with all of you. As a result, in case you have any queries or confusion, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.

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