What Size Trolling Motor for Kayak You Need to Know

Kayaking is your favorite outdoor activity, isn’t it? And you often kayak in a larger coverage, right? So, why don’t you try a trolling motor? In comparison with padding, it is more beneficial and flexible and allows you to control and get the speed better.

Nonetheless, to get these things, you need to know what size trolling motor for kayak. Don’t have to find the related information. Here! Here! Let’s see right now!

Watch out for What Size Trolling Motor for Kayak

Trolling Motor – What Is…?

Trolling motors are the apparatus including the controls, the motor, and propeller. Attached to the stern or bow of the kayak, especially on the stern. Their name has been derived from a type of fishing, trolling, in which you will slowly move the line via the water in order to attract fish.

The power of trolling motors may be from the electric, batteries, or gasoline. They allow you to move your kayak without padding on yourself. Take your hand and foot to control them. What a convenient it is!

What Do I Need a Trolling Motor for?

You do not need to have to look for the best kayak paddle for your kayaking trips. Instead, your kayak will flexibly move once you use a trolling motor.

Yes, come to the trolling motors, the anglers will easily cast the bait, thanks to the auxiliary power. That’s why you can see many kayakers, who use this motor for their kayaks, in particular, for game fish.

In addition to that, though kayaking is an enjoyable outdoor activity, it also has many risks, especially in the bad weather conditions. At the same time, can you make sure that your strength is enough to paddle in the large wind? But, if you are using a trolling motor, you can go back to the shore quickly.

Don’t stop! As the main propulsion source, trolling motors always run the best way as possible. Importantly, they do not produce noise that makes the fish scare. At once, bring the optimal flexibility during your movement.

By What Means Can I Get the Right Size Trolling Motor?

Mentioning to the size of trolling motors, beginner kayak fishing often feels worried and difficult. Correspondingly, I want to share my own experience. Look the information below!

Bow Mounted vs. Transom-Mount Motors

There are two outstanding motors – Bow-mounted motors and transom-mount motors. If the transom-mount motors allow you to reach the various heights and angles by adjusting to get the right depth, the bow-mounted motors have the ability to prevent the risks of groundings. In fact, what do you need?

Fishing Conditions

Now, I want you to answer questions by yourself: Where do you often fish? What type of water? Is a heavy current or not?

These things are vital because they decide how much thrust from the trolling motor you can need. For example, your fishing area is placid. So, you do not have to need so much thrust because this location provides the free currents.

Shaft Length

42 inches are the standard number of the shaft length. Basically, you must measure the position of the shaft mounted on the deck. For MotorGuide, add 16 inches. Add 20 inches in a case of using for Minn Kota. Your selection should be the closest measurement.

Never forget this one: if you move in the rough waters, it would be best to a longer shaft.


In what way can you rate trolling motors? Frequently, people are based on thrust. 72 – 75 lbs of thrust are approximately the 746W electrical power. It means that the trolling motors with the higher voltage will provide the higher thrust.

The most powerful motors have the voltage ranged 12V – 36V, no under 100 lbs.

The Weight of Your Kayak

When considering the size of the trolling motors, you should determine the weight of your kayak. Why? Because the powerful trolling motor will be the large risk when moving on the water in case you use a super-light kayak and vice versa.

Therefore, you ought to remember this one to figure out a right trolling motor – each of 100 pounds will require two pounds of thrust.

In Sum

All in all, the larger trolling motors will be better. They provide plenty of power, so your kayak will be propelled and moved in the severe condition, the high winds, heavy winds, or swift currents, for instance.

I believe that you will be able to find a right trolling motor after reading the whole my article. Pay attention the weight of your kayak and the shaft length to exactly know what size trolling motor for kayak. Good luck!!!

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