Top 4 Best Kayak Manufactures

Kayak is an attractive and well – known sport which offers kayak enthusiasts a unique and breathtaking view of waterways. In the current market, kayaks come in numerous types, sizes, designs, and prices. Hence, choosing a suitable kayak seems to be a hard task. But don’t worry as I’m here to support you, below are top 4 best kayak manufacturers that deliver high – quality products and services.

Top 4 best kayak manufacturers

Picking up the kayak from the top - rated manufacturers isn’t as crucial as how and where you’ll make use of the kayak. Rivers, whitewater, streams, oceans, and lakes, each terrain requires a distinct kayak type. Each kayak offers loads of features that fit the paddlers’ demands.

For example, a kayak which is specially designed for streams and rivers is in a huge need of good maneuverability with effortless turning. However, maneuvering and easy turning aren’t essential to a lake angler. For your convenience, I suggest top 4 best kayak manufacturers that offer a selection of products that fit your need no matter what it is. Let’s take a look!

Ocean Kayak

Due to a lifelong passion for diving, Tim Niemier – the founder of Ocean Kayak started his business in 1971. To improve the surfboard design, Tim added a place for gear storage and a place to sit. Interestingly, the improved surfboard turned into a new product named Scupper Classic. Surprisingly, it has become the first sit – on – top kayak ever.

Today, Ocean Kayak is one of the biggest sit – on – top kayak manufacturers in the world. It wins a great quantity of customers’ hearts as offers premium and easy – to – use kayaks with eye-catching designs.

Here are several outstanding products of Ocean Kayak: Prowler 13 Angler Kayak, Frenzy Kayak, and Malibu 12 Foot Tandem Kayak. However, if you need the best kayak for long distance, I highly recommend Ocean Kayak 16 – Feet Zest Two.

Dagger Kayaks

If you are seeking a prestigious kayak manufacturer which has numerous kayaks, Dagger Kayaks is my suggestion. Dagger is found in dirt and small floor shop by a group of paddling friends. Thanks for their great penchant for kayaking, they had gradually built up their successful kayak empire.

It is undeniable that Dagger offers good kayaks. Plus, it also provides a wide - range product line includes all sorts of water from mountain to sea. Specifically, it provides whitewater kayaks, multi – water kayaks, kayaks’ accessories and replacement parts. Hence, no matter the water challenge or your kayaking level, there are a series of kayaks which fit your needs.

Additionally, Dagger is able to completely satisfy its customers. It performs well from the technical features of touring and rec to the whitewater’s pure rush. Furthermore, they assure the products with the highest levels of design and performance.

Here are two best - seller products of Dragger Kayaks that I highly recommend you to buy them: Axis 10.5 Kayak and Zydeco 11.0 Kayak.

Lifetime Products

Lifetime has come such a long way from an unnamed company to a worldwide manufacturer. Initially, it is started in a small garage in Utah by a devoted father who is a big fan of basketball. He found Lifetime Products for the purpose of building a basketball hoop for his beloved family.

What makes this brand special is all about their business philosophy. The company’s name is also its goal.  The founder wants to build and deliver long – lasting and durable products for his families and customers.

After a long period of delivering excellent products and ceaselessly endeavor to increase customer satisfaction, Lifetime has become a trusted brand. They have rapidly broadened their product line from furniture to the sport-related instrument. For example, basketball hoops, playground equipment, kayaks and paddleboards, tables, chairs, sheds, garden, and patio.

With high – density polyethylene, Lifetime has acquired a great reputation of delivering one of the most indestructible kayaks available. If you tend to buy a kayak of Lifetime brand, please take a glance at Lifetime Youth 6 Foot Wave Kayak. Plus, Lifetime Manta Tandem 10 Foot Kayak and Lifetime 10 Foot Tamarak Tioga Kayak are good options too.

Sun Dolphin

Sun Dolphin is considered to be one of the top leading kayak companies in America. This family-owned business started its adventure in 1982, and its flagship product is the single pedal boat.

Sun Dolphin defines their mission as a leading kayak company which provides premium products with excellent service. Hence, it invests highly on customer service department to make sure all customers are delighted with their purchase.

Especially, when buying Sun Dolphin’s products, customers could set their mind at peace. As its production process is vertically integrated and strictly monitor from start to finish. In specific, Sun Dolphin can create innovative ideas for new products, then design and place them in all stores.

Sun Dolphin provides loads of inventive products at an affordable price. For example, recreational kayaks, accessories, fishing kayaks, pedal boats, paddle boards, canoes, fishing boats, and dinghies.

Currently, Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Foot and Sun Dolphin Excursion 12 – Foot Fishing Kayak are two terrific products of this brand.


In short, in my point of view, Ocean Kayak, Dagger Kayaks, Lifetime products and Sun Dolphin are the best kayak manufacturers. They not only provide premium products at a reasonable price but also deliver superior and dedicated customer service.

Hopefully, after reading my article, you could grasp some useful information for your next purchase. Please click the like button if you found this article informative and useful. It will be a great motivation for me to keep up the good work and continue to write more interesting articles. Stay tuned, and I will come back with another article named "TOP 11 Perfect destinations to go Kayaking in Canada".


  1. Very nice article but I have to disagree to the point that you either remove the lesser of your pick of 4 or relabel your article to be “The Top Five Kayaks”. My reason being is short and simple. Somehow you have overlooked the kayak which recently took honors at ICAST for the New Product Showcase Winner “Best Boat” & “Best Show”. The 135 Stratofisher Yakattack Edition is a Carbonite 2000 construction lightweight 13’5″ x 34″ battleship weighing only 69 lbs. but with 450 lb. capacity. Eddyline’s focus is on Safety and Comfort and they deliver both with this design. The C-135 offers the serious kayak fisherman a lightweight alternative to the heavy polyethylene rigs currently plying the back waters.

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