TOP 11 Perfect destinations to go Kayaking in Canada

There is no sharp-tongued when saying Kayak and Canada were born for each other. With an enormous number of lakes and more than 202,000 long coastlines, kayaking in Canada is one of a kind. Where to Kayak in Canada is a frequently requested question that I’ve received. Therefore, as your request, I’ll write down top 11 perfect destinations that I experienced when kayaking in Canada.

11 Destinations to Go Kayaking In Canada

Kayaking in Canada is a one of a kind experience that you shouldn’t miss out. Take a look at 11 top destinations below for your information.

Ottawa River

The Ottawa River is a must-see destination for adventure seeker or advanced paddlers. It is one of the best rivers in Canada that has a wide range of water conditions and highly suitable for haymakers in all ages and levels. For the beginners, they could satisfactorily attempt at kayaking without any worriment or fearfulness. For the experienced players, they could satisfy their strong passion for this attractive game and release stress after long working hours. In addition, the Ottawa River also features adrenaline-packed whitewater paddling – a crash and short training course to support the paddle participators becoming a skillful and cool paddler.

Athabasca River, Alberta

If you extremely detest the hustle and bustle of city life and want to get away from your hectic life for a while, Athabasca River is highly suitable for you.  Imagine that you are floating down a river which surrounding by majestic mountains, wallowing yourself in the picturesque natural scenery. That feeling is certainly incomparable and unique. You can kayak, canoe or stretch on the Athabasca River and enjoy every inch of 200-mile untouched wilderness. In the past, Athabasca is a well-known location for fur traders and gold miners. Hence, while traveling along the way, you could stop and discover several historic sites that unveil the tale of the Athabasca River.

Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

There will be a big mistake if Haida Gwaii isn’t on the list. Haida Gwaii which is well-known as the Queen Charlotte Islands is one of the most visited attractions to paddle in all over the world. It attracts millions of travelers each year due to its virtually unchanged wilderness no matter how fast it’s contiguous areas change. Haida Gwaii is appropriate for all-level haymakers. Normally, while the West Coast of Haida Gwaii is chosen by experienced sea paddlers, the East Coast of Haida Gwaii attracts inexperienced kayakers. While paddling along Haida Gwaii, you could go seeing and explore its beautiful coasts and also see a bunch of adorable creatures including sea lions, deer, killer whales, seals, and seabirds.

Bonaventure River, Quebec

What is more fabulous than kayaking on one of the clearest rivers in North America. You will be kayaking along 80 miles long Class I and II Rapids rivers where you could easily spot salmon spawning up the river. Don’t forget to immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of the river and take good pictures to save memorable moments. If you’re an inexperienced paddler, don’t worry, there are a great number of high-quality guided tours that allow you to exploit some of the Bonaventure River’s highlights.

Deep Cove, British Columbia

Taking a trip to a far-off destination to get away from it all and dispel the heat of summer will never be a bad idea. And I’m fairly sure that Deep Cove will never let you down because of its verdant scenery and wildlife. Situated at the foot of Seymour Mountain, Deep Cove sends out the unique small-town vibe which you can hardly find it in the city life. You could effortlessly rent a kayak and explore the shore and come across some local critters if you’re lucky.

Squamish River

This beautiful river is mentioned as weekend getaways for experienced kayakers. You should begin your tour at 8 am to enjoy the stunning view of the glassy morning water. Along the way, I’m pretty sure that the majestic views of Tantalus mountain range and the breathtaking waterfalls nested in its hills will make your eyes shocked blind. If you’re lucky enough, you could see a variety of birds tossing their wings in the blue sky during your morning paddle.

Cascade Mountains, British Columbia

Glacier kayaking in the Cascade Mountains is a fantastic experience. In the last month of the spring, the glacial lakes begin to melt and create aquamarine highways which are ideal for kayaking. What is more attractive than kayaking on an immaculate water playground and seeing snow and iceberg surrounding you.

April is considered to be the best time for you to experience glacier kayaking because, at that time, the water unmistakably turns into glacial blue. In addition, it will be perfect if you take a 60-minute flight trip to see impressive waterfalls and landscapes from above.

Abbotsford city

Located in Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Abbotsford city is an ideal destination for kayak junkies. From April to June, the hard winter ice starts to thaw out and naturally creates beautiful and vibrant glaciers cross-cutting the enormous glaciers. Along with kayaking, you could catch the spectacular blue color of water, discover magnificent ice caves or take a helicopter ride trip to have a comprehensive view of magical and mighty mountains in British Columbia.What a memorable and exclusive experience.


Manitoba is a tourist attraction for wildlife lovers as it’s a hot spot for a wide range of animal including polar bears or beluga whales. Combining kayaking and ocean mammals seeing is a splendid experience for those who both passion for animals and kayak. When kayaking, you will be thrilled with the bit as you could be closer to the cute whales than ever. What is more, don’t forget to see the sunset and make the most of every peaceful minute in this beautiful city.

Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia

The Halifax Harbour used to be a working port, not a recreational watercourse. But now, you could go kayak in Halifax Harbour, exploit the harbor and its nearby islands to get a new viewpoint about the city. Due to the variety of water levels, Halifax Harbour is apt for both paddling newbies and kayaking pros.


Trinity is a nature’s fancy gift to the human as its spectacular seascapes and marvelous sea caves. Taking one step closer to the natures will never be that easy as kayaking in Trinity. According to my previous experience, you should book a tour to travel around, see occupied eagles nests or bald eagles and also view the Skirwink Trail – one of the top trails in Canada. In addition, there are several impressive rock structures rising to the surface of the water.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you have some ideas for your next trip or your weekend getaway. Wish you a trip full of happiness and meaningful moments. Please comment your own experiences when kayaking in Canada and please share this article if you found it useful and informative. Thank you so much!


  1. hi, thank you for sharing with us this great place, I already visit Abbotsford city with my wife, its one of the best place that I still remember until now, and I plan to visit it again next summer.


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