Things to note when kayaking

Kayaking is one of the common outdoor activities today. It is considered as a sporty activity that brings an interesting experience to any kayaker. Would you like to try?

In general, people enjoy kayaking in Clifden, Georgia, Brisbane,… that are the great places to discover. But, kayaking is also an adventurous trip and you need to equip the essential knowledge before starting. What are they? Continue reading to know more!

Just to Clarify What to Need to Know When Kayaking

No one starts with zero. You cannot kayak in case you do not know anything. So, let’s consider in turn. Here are…

What Do You Need to Pack?

This is basic knowledge that kayakers must have in order that they can begin a safe trip.

  • Dry Boxes & Bags

Both are necessary when you travel in the river. For the dry bags, you can tighten it when containing your clothes and foods. Include a variety of the sizes that you likely choose.

 The dry boxes are made from plastic and surrounded by a rubber seal, so they can protect your camera and mobile phone from water.

  • Sponge/ Bilge Pump

It is necessary for the flooding cases. Either sponges or bilge pumps help you take water out of your kayak quickly.

  • Tent

You ought to prioritize to carry a lightweight and compact tent. Don’t take up plenty of your space, but it makes sure that you might avoid the elements at night.

  • Sleeping Bag

Carry a waterproof sleeping bag. The synthetic material is good enough to keep warm and get the necessary resilience.

  • Life Jacket

This is a common requirement. A life jack can make sure your safety in most cases. Even, it still helps to prevent the sun from you.

  • Sunscreen

You almost spend the whole time on the river. It means that you usually expose to the sun, so the sunscreen is indispensable.

What Should You Wear?

Depending on the weather conditions, there are the different clothes to wear when kayaking.

  • In Cold Weather

Water-proof waist pack: To store your cell phone, cards, and others.

Boots: To ensure that your feet are not wet, it is necessary to invest the neoprene boots.

Water-resistant socks: To warm and protect your feet from wet.

Thermal hat: To warm your head.

Gloves: You need a couple of polypropylene gloves when kayaking and another pair to use later.

Thermal clothing: It recommends choosing the insulating clothes that hit and retain moisture.

Waterproof jacket: With the synthetic fibers, these jackets do not make you difficult to move because of not bulky.

  • In Warm Weather

Sunglasses: Under the scorching sun, you need the sunglasses. For the kayak fishing, let pick up a pair that can see via the water.

Long sleeves: Though you will feel cooler when wearing a t-shirt, a long-sleeved one will protect you from the sunlight. Choose the breathable fabric. Like that, you will feel more comfortable.

Sun hat: To cover your head, eyes, and face, a wide-brimmed hat is an ideal option.

Others: Aside from that, you also remember to bring a water bottle and sunscreen. In this weather condition, cannot lack both.

What Aren’t You Done When Kayaking?

The safety is the top priority when kayaking. There will have situations coming up, so you need to have a concentrative attitude to handle. That’s why you are not…

  • Drink alcohol while kayaking, especially when you are just alone.
  • Forget to wear a life jacket during kayaking on the water.
  • Wear the uncomfortable clothes. Based on the weather and water condition, choose the proper clothing.
  • Ignore to check your gear.
  • Against the movement of your kayak.

In a Nutshell

 It can say that kayaking is an interesting experience. A great number of people have tried, and you too. So, let’s remember what I shared above. They are useful for any kayaker, who are kayaking in Clifden, Colorado, Baja Peninsula,…


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