Top 8 MUST-Visit places to go Kayaking in Florida

In our daily lives, we’re so busy wrestling and racing in the circle of money and work. We hardly spend time taking care of our physical and mental health. But summertime is coming, let take a mindfulness and nature retreat and awake your inner adventure by immersing yourself in the wilderness. It can’t be denied […]

Things to note when kayaking

Kayaking is one of the common outdoor activities today. It is considered as a sporty activity that brings an interesting experience to any kayaker. Would you like to try?In general, people enjoy kayaking in Clifden, Georgia, Brisbane,… that are the great places to discover. But, kayaking is also an adventurous trip and you need to […]

4 Ways to Choose the Best Kayak for Long Distance

If you’re finding the best kayak for long distance, my top recommendation is all about sea/touring kayaks. These long and strong touring boats are indeed super-effective over distances. Besides, they can track well and come with a rudder/skeg to cope with currents and wind easily. Plus, it has roomy cargo space to store more stuff. But, are […]