Best Tandem Kayak: Top 5 Reviewed In 2018

Tandem kayak is an effective tool to both give you more fun and enjoy a collaborative challenge with your partners. However, like any product on the recent market, even the best tandem kayak also has its advantages and disadvantages. To choose an appropriate model, first of all, you must definitely determine some related aspects. In […]

Top 6 Best Kayak Paddle for A Perfect Adventure

Are you a big fan of kayaking?Or are you only a beginner of kayaking?Well, one of the great things about kayaking is that almost anyone can do it regardless of your experience. But you need to understand that if you develop the good paddling technique, you are going to paddle more efficiently, and you will […]

Protect Your Feet with The Best Water Shoes for Kayaking

For comfort and safety while kayaking in Miami or anywhere, preparing the best water shoes for kayaking is the first and foremost thing that you should consider. It’s because these shoes will offer necessary traction to keep you safe on slippery areas. Besides, they protect your feet from falling or meeting sharp objects that you might […]

TOP 8 Most amazing places for Kayaking in Miami

What will come to your mind when we talk about Miami? A popular image would be a beautiful golden beach stretching for miles with hot guys, right? More than a just a beach, this glamorous neighborhood is a place for those who seek inner calm, great relaxation and get back to nature by kayaking.Kayaking in […]

Top 8 MUST-Visit places to go Kayaking in Florida

In our daily lives, we’re so busy wrestling and racing in the circle of money and work. We hardly spend time taking care of our physical and mental health. But summertime is coming, let take a mindfulness and nature retreat and awake your inner adventure by immersing yourself in the wilderness. It can’t be denied […]

TOP 11 Perfect destinations to go Kayaking in Canada

There is no sharp-tongued when saying Kayak and Canada were born for each other. With an enormous number of lakes and more than 202,000 long coastlines, kayaking in Canada is one of a kind. Where to Kayak in Canada is a frequently requested question that I’ve received. Therefore, as your request, I’ll write down top […]

Kayaking with a dog – The ultimate guide

Dogs are the most loyal, the most trustworthy friends to humans. So, of course, we want to bring our closest friends to everywhere we go. It is easy and convenient to take them with you when you choose to travel by car, but kayaking with a dog? It will require more than some simple steps. […]

Bloody bull shark in Tennessee river? What is the truth?

On July 18th, 2017, the community of Limestone County and kayaking lovers were shocked by the image of a bull shark in Tennessee river. Some passengers who were enjoying their trip there claimed that they saw a large creature swimming towards them. A couple even took a clear picture of the shark-like thing. And the […]

Best kayaking in Colorado – Dreamy places you need to visit

Often, people know about Colorado as a mountainous tourist destination. However, besides hiking, it is a pity if you don’t try water activities here. Mother Nature bestows the area with a large number of lakes and river which picturesque scenery. So check out the list and choose a destination for your family and friends’ best […]

Things to note when kayaking

Kayaking is one of the common outdoor activities today. It is considered as a sporty activity that brings an interesting experience to any kayaker. Would you like to try?In general, people enjoy kayaking in Clifden, Georgia, Brisbane,… that are the great places to discover. But, kayaking is also an adventurous trip and you need to […]