Protect Your Feet with The Best Water Shoes for Kayaking

For comfort and safety while kayaking in Miami or anywhere, preparing the best water shoes for kayaking is the first and foremost thing that you should consider.

It’s because these shoes will offer necessary traction to keep you safe on slippery areas. Besides, they protect your feet from falling or meeting sharp objects that you might meet in or out of the water.

Do you have any water shoes made for kayaking? Or you don’t indeed put much thought into the shoes since you have no idea of them.

So, what you should do now is to prepare the best water shoes for kayaking so that you won’t make your trip less fun and more frustrating. Since you’re here, we will support with all our heart.

1. Top 5 best kayaking water shoes reviews of 2018

We’ve listed the excellent water shoes that stand up for tear and wear, protect your feet, and provide the proper amount of support. No matter who you’re kayaking enthusiasts or hobbyists, down here to find your best ones.

Reviews of Some of the Best water shoes for Kayaking

a. Northside Men's Brille II Water Shoe

With a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, Northside Men’s Brille II Water Shoe is evaluated as a perfect choice for every kind of water sports.

These shoes boast an EVA insole for extra padding and lightweight cushioning. Moreover, the insole is able to be removed if the shoe doesn’t fit your foot or you want to change it with a custom-made orthotic.

What’s more, this footwear highlights a great combination of neoprene upper and breathable mesh for enduring breathability and durability. That’s why it can dry quickly and maintain your feet cool when getting out of the water.

Another excellent feature that we rather enjoy is its TPR outsole, giving a stable grip in and out of the water. Wonderfully, the shoe uses elastic drawstring lace-up system that guarantees a cozy fit and easy on and off.


  • Comfortable in/around water
  • Durable
  • Offers excellent traction for protected footing
  • Features removable insole
  • Made of breathable and moisture-resistant material


  • A narrow toe area doesn’t fit those with wide feet
  • Some claim that this shoe needs more time to dry completely

b. ALEADER Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

ALEADER Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Want to own the shoes that are suitable for both casual and water activities? Take a look at ALEADER Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes right now!

This footwear highlights a thick rubber sole that can safeguard the bottom of your feet as well as offering traction to the surface below. Thanks to the Water Grip design and a thick double paneled toe box, your toes are protected highly.

With a complete mesh surround, these water shoes can stretch to the sole of your shoe and offer exceptional breathability for your whole foot. That’s why they can dry fast and prevent any wet and molded smells.

Additionally, the Solyte midsole highlights the gaped EVA technology with drainage and air pockets between the sole that can permit water to come out and make the shoe lighter. Plus, the removable ComforDry sockliner offers the best cushioning and shock absorption to the shoes.

Of course, ALEADER Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes feature a fitting design that embraces your feet entirely. What’s more, the elastic shoelaces are ensured to hold your feet safe.


  • Lightweight, even when submerged
  • Dries fast
  • Permits great airflow
  • Comes with a unique style, suitable for any activities
  • Rubber sole with creative tread for traction on any surface


  • No additional cushion around the ankle, creating an uncomfortable feeling after extended wear
  • Small rocks might enter the holes on the sole

c. PENGCHENG Water Sports Shoes

A stable and comfortable water sports shoe from PENGCHENG gives two awesome things that any kayaker needs. The first thing is that your feet will be fit inside the shoe. And the second one is that you can stand on any surface without slipping thanks to its good grip.

But, what we enjoy much is all about its design.

This footwear is made from a breathable fabric that offers premium when wearing all day long. Relying on that, your feet can breathe through any activities. In addition, it comes with a stretchy material that permits an easy on and off.

Plus, upgraded aqua socks are incredibly lightweight. That’s why when sliding on the water with these shoes, you only feel like walking on smooth and flexible surfaces.


  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Dries quickly
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Features rubber outsole, suitable for high levels of attraction
  • Removable insole for easy cleaning
  • Great grip, not slip around on the feet when wet
  • Comes with a variety of colors to select
  • Has a good price


  • Some complain that these shoes run a bit large
  • The rubber material sometimes makes it hard to wear

d. ALEADER Men's Mesh Slip on Water Shoes

ALEADER Men's Mesh Slip on Water Shoes

If your budget is limited yet you want to possess the best water shoes for kayaking, ALEADER Men’s Mesh Slip on Water Shoes will be an excellent decision.

While wearing this footwear, your feet are guaranteed to comfortable and cool thanks to its fabric design. Besides, a rubber sole helps to prevent your foot from sliding on slippery areas. As a plus, holes in the bottom permits water to drain when you kick through or exit the water.

The Solyte midsole is lightweight and flexible enough to embrace your foot ideally. Especially, a mesh upper offers the protection from the sun while allowing your feet not to sweat. What’s more, quality stitching enhances its durability as well as preventing wear.

In case you worry that some water shoes tend to pull off the heel, ALEADER Men’s Slip on Water Shoes will suction your heel and give a worry-free walking on any surfaces.


  • Lightweight and airy
  • Comfortable after extended wear
  • Durability
  • Gives a vast range of colors to choose
  • Made from a Water Grain tech, guaranteeing excellent stability and traction in slippery surfaces
  • Affordably priced


  • Not made for those with high instep or arches
  • Some claim that these shoes sometimes stretch out a bit

e. CIOR Water Shoes Men Women Aqua Shoes

CIOR Water Shoes Men Women Aqua Shoes

Need a unisex water shoe that is lightweight and comfortable for kayaking? Try CIOR Water Shoes Men Women Aqua Shoes, and you will love it for sure.

Look! The bottom sole of this footwear has a creative and breathable design that is expected to drain water out of the shoe while guaranteeing no small items like debris or rocks inside the shoe as well as permitting airflow. Furthermore, the insole is made from a honeycomb organization that provides support, ventilation and enhances traction on any surface.

When it comes to the material, CIOR water shoes boast a breathable design that not only offers maximum airflow for comfort while wearing all day but also gives a flexible fabric, allowing all your toes move comfortably.

Thanks to drainage holes surrounding the sole, your feet will be not soggy since once you’re out of the water, they will dry instantly. Moreover, the holes are made to give safe traction, protecting you from falling and slipping.


  • Made of high-quality material
  • Lightweight and compressible
  • Thick sole for foot protection
  • Rubber sole with a foam insert for arch support
  • Gives an easy on and off
  • Dries quickly
  • Comes with a low price


  • Some complain stitching might rub the ankle’s back
  • Sizing is small

2. Types of water shoes for kayaking you should know

After learning about top 5 best water shoes for kayaking, you need to understand each different kind of water shoes as well.

a. Water booties

For kayaking in Canada or colder areas or white-water kayaking, having a pair of water booties helps to keep your feet warm thanks to their extra lining and padded ankle protection. Besides, they protect your feet when going in and out of the kayak.

Water booties are easy to put on while some are designed with fabric hook-and-loop fastener straps or zippers to give a comfortable fit.

b. Wet boots

If you want to keep your feet warm and dry when wet, wearing wet boots is a perfect choice.

It’s because this footwear offers temperature and water protection up to the knee, maintains a safe fit when trudging through mud or water, and provides additional padding and security for the toes, heels, and sides of the feet. But, note that wet boots are not for an extended walk since the traction might wear down when not being availed in the water.

c. Sports sandals

This footwear looks like sneakers, yet acceptable cut-outs on the sides allow air circulation and water drainage well. It’s lightweight, comfortable and safe without complex straps or long shoelaces. The only disadvantage to open-sided sandals is that you might get cut by rocks if you’re careless.

d. Water sneakers

Nowadays, water sneakers highlight mesh lining that helps to drain the water as well as prevent dirt and sand from entering. Besides, it circulates the air to keep your feet fresh. Plus, it includes laces or straps that protect your feet, toe and decrease shock absorption.

The only drawback is if the surface is too muddy, your footwear might be sucked right off your feet.

3. Things to consider when buying the best water shoes for kayaking

What constitutes a helpful shoe for kayaking?

Firstly, you need to know that the kayaking shoes cannot prevent your movements or make your feet feel heavy while walking. It’s best to help you move safely and comfortably. Besides, this footwear needs to keep your feet dry in the water and offer an excellent grip on different surfaces.

And here are some factors that you should learn when searching for the best water shoes for kayaking.

a. Material

Neoprene is the most common material that manufacturers use to create the kayaking shoes. It’s because this lightweight, flexible, and non-slip material include all the qualities you need in a water shoe. Even, it brings warmth inside no matter what the weather is.

Additionally, other manufacturers combine neoprene with other materials such as titanium or mesh in order to improve the water shoes’ durability and performance.

Another important point that you should consider is the material of the soles. They should be made from the solid rubber to protect your feet from getting damaged because of impacts with rocks. Furthermore, it offers a sturdy grip on any surfaces when you’re walking.

b. Weight and Height

The best water shoes for kayaking should fit your feet like a glove or make you feel like a second skin. Even, they need to be lightweight so that you don’t feel like you’re wearing them. Relying on that, you can wear for all day long and feel comfortable when walking in rough terrain.

How about the height?

  • The low-cut kayaking shoes are rather suitable in sunny weather since they’re thin, lightweight, and breathable.
  • If you value an easy on and off, the ankle height kayaking shoes will be the best choice. Moreover, they provide a right combination of breathability, warmth and sole protection.
  • As compared to the two above, the knee height kayaking shoes are appropriate in cold weather conditions because they offer a high level of water protection. Besides, they are thicker and more insulated to keep your feet from the choppy water. In case you opt for this type, remember that they need to be fit perfectly with no gaps or they make you feel uncomfortable when wet.

c. Good fit

Your kayaking shoes should be more comfortable than the ones you wear for day-to-day use.

They are tight yet not constricting. And when fitting the shoes, they need to ensure that no dirt or water can access inside. Don’t forget that you also flex your foot easily without worrying having any problem.

d. Size

Choosing a correct size is an obvious thing no matter what you’re going to buy water shoes or normal ones.

You need to know that the size of dry kayaking shoes will be different than the wet ones. So, it’s best to get a size that is between what you feel comfortable and looser than what you’re used.

That means if the shoes adhere to the feet and don’t fall out while walking around, they are perfect.

e. Style

Luckily, the best water shoes for kayaking today don’t resemble the old-style ones with no arch support and awful soles. There are various styles of kayaking shoes that look like sneakers. Even you might find what is called booties, some just like socks or shoes like “Crocs.”

Wonderfully, each style always comes with a huge range of color to select. So, be free to pick up the one you want most.

f. Terrain

Determining different terrains to reach your kayaking destination is necessary. For instance, if you have to go through a place with splinters and sharp rocks, make sure to wear a thick-soled shoe to guarantee your safety.

Or selecting the breathable tread shoes is ideal for smooth water. Or booties are suitable for protecting your feet up to the ankles, allowing you to ross in pebble-filled water easily.

g. Season

Aside from examining the terrain, considering the weather is necessary as well.

Try to imagine that you’re kayaking in cold temperature water. Of course, you need something that is insulated yet lightweight to warm and comfort your feet. If you’re in this case, make sure to choose the shoes with 4 layers of thick neoprene together with an ankle boot in order to cover the feet.

Or assume you’re going to kayaking in warm temperature water. A pair of breathable and lightweight shoes will be an ideal choice. This footwear should be made from a thin layer of neoprene and shaped with a cut below your ankle.

h. Price

Make sure you don’t ignore the price when shopping the kayaking shoes. Please determine how much you can pay because a pair of water shoes can vary significantly. Or you might shell out more than $100 for them.

Try to reread top 5 best water shoes above and then you can find all are stylish and durable with high-quality material. The price, of course, runs between $15 and $50 per pair.

So, if any footwear is over this amount, we think it’s not worth much. It’s best to spend the extra money for your next vacation or adventure.

4. FAQs about water shoes for kayaking

a. Why should you buy the water shoes?

When you’re here, that means you think having a pair of water shoes is necessary. But, allow us to explain clearly.

The water shoes for kayaking or any water activities comes with some unique advantages over the standard ones. They offer the necessary protection and extra traction for the feet while walking in water. They are also designed with good outsoles to give a significant barrier between the feet’s bottom and broken shells or rocks at the bottom of the lake or river.

b. Can you use the water shoes for non-water related activities?

It depends.

If you opt for the hideous black rubber socks on your feet, then the answer is NO. It’s because you only shame yourself and those surrounding you.

In case your water shoes have flare and style, it’s okay to wear for a walk, hanging out with friends or a short trip to the supermarket. Just back to our top 5 products above and you can find the best one instantly.

c. How about using this footwear for hiking?

It’s YES, but as long as you don’t wear too often because the quality of this footwear depends on your hike distance and how you hike through wet conditions.

d. Will your feet get wet when using the water shoes?

The answer is YES. Your feet WILL get wet. But, they will be also protected from objects outside and comfortable when submerged.

e. How to measure your feet to own a proper size?

  • First of all, you need to put your foot on a blank paper and mark your foot’s length from top to bottom.
  • Then measure the range between the two lines.
  • Finally, match this length to the size chart on the product listing.

f. How to clean the water shoes if they smell bad?

If your water shoes smell, that means they don’t dry enough. Even this footwear comes with excellent drainage and ventilation, but the stink issue is sometimes unavoidable.

Let’s learn how to clean them step-by-step!

  • Start washing the shoes with soap and water.
  • Then dry them with an old towel or newspaper to absorb the moisture.
  • Next, use a blow dryer if you want to quick-dry them or allow to air dry.
  • In case they smell, you should apply gold bond powder spray or deodorizing solution in the shoes.

Watch this video to know better

g. Is it okay to wash the water shoes in the washing machine?

You need to check whether your water shoes are made of washable material. Avoid washing any shoes that are made of suede and leather.

In case using the washer is okay, please only avail liquid detergent and cold water because both can protect your shoes’ integrity. Don’t use powdered detergent since it can stick inside and around the shoes.


For kayaking performance and safety, finding the best water shoes for kayaking is a MUST. As outlined above, these shoes need to hug your feet perfectly, provide the greatest gripping technology, and help to keep your feet dry quickly.

And if you need a WINNER for this case, we honestly suggest PENGCHENG Water Sports Shoe.

One of the BIGGEST reasons is that this footwear is suitable for both women and men. Besides, it highlights breathable fabric that gives a comfortable feeling and quick-drying while submerged.

Made of high-quality rubber material, this footwear offers high security for use. Wonderfully, it comes at an affordable price that can be suitable for your limited budget.

If you totally agree with our thoughts, ORDER instantly. Or in case you want to learn more anything related to this topic, leave your comment below. We’re ready to answer.

Once again, thanks for reading.


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