TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 3 Interchangeable Lenses for Men Women Cycling Running Driving Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses TR002(Upgrade) - Grey Frame&Rainbow Lens

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  • Synthetic
  • THREE INTERCHANGEABLE LENS- All the lens 100% UV400 protection coating, blocks 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays. Restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered light,make the scenery more clear and soft and protect eyes perfectly. The Main one is colourful lense ,the yellow one is for night activities,the balck one is polarized for driving and other activities.
  • CLEAR, SUPERLIGHT, STYLISH AND DURABLE- Cool Rimless jacket frame design enables clear lower vision field. Lightweight design is ideal for motorcycle and cycling bicycle, driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing, climbing, trekking or other outdoor activities. Fashion and stylish design, with rich color combinations of frames and lens. Polycarbonate lens and frames are impact, scratch resistant, durable and unbreakable.
  • TWO SOFT RUBBER NOSEPAD,Let Your Nose Feel Comfortalbe While Wearing Torege Sports sunglasses for Cycling Running Fishing Golf .
  • LIFETIME BREAKAGE WARRANTY ON FRAME- Frames and lens are unbreakable for no risk purchasing. In case any broken problem happens, contact the seller of Torege without hesitation to solve the problem until satisfaction. Torege provides lifetime after sale service for all Torege products.
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- All Torege customers enjoy 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Customers can return and get refunded in case the purchasing is not satisfactory for any reason. You have no risk to try.

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TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 3 Interchangeable Lenses for Men Women Cycling Running Driving Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses TR002(Upgrade)

TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 3 Interchangeable Lenses for Men Women Cycling Running Driving Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses TR002(Upgrade)

TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 3 Interchangeable Lenses for Men Women Cycling Running Driving Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses TR002(Upgrade)

TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 3 Interchangeable Lenses for Men Women Cycling Running Driving Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses TR002(Upgrade)

TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 3 Interchangeable Lenses for Men Women Cycling Running Driving Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses TR002(Upgrade)

TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 3 Interchangeable Lenses for Men Women Cycling Running Driving Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses TR002(Upgrade)

Product description

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses With 3 Interchangeable Lenes for Men Women Cycling Running Driving Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses TR002


▷ The super light PC frame: You can hardly feel them on your face!

▷ Polarized lenses block 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays

▷ Great fashion frame design for cycling, running, fishing etc. outdoor lifestyles.

▷ Soft Rubber Nosepad,Let Your Kids Feel Comfortalbe While Wearing This.


✓ Cool Rimless jacket frame design for clear lower vision field

✓ Durable and unbreakable frames and lens

✓ Polarized lens help eliminate reflected and scattered glares

✓ Good for sports or other outer door activities


1*Cleaning soft cloth

1*Cleaning soft fabric sunglasses pouch

1*sunglasses Frame

3*Lenses. Only the Main Black Lens are Polarized Lens against strong sunlight, the other 2 lenses are colored sunglasses for different environmental condition.


Please use neutral detergent or soap water to clean, gently wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.

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TOREGE Polarized Sunglasses TOREGE Polarized Sunglasses TOREGE Polarized Sunglasses TOREGE Polarized Sunglasses TOREGE Polarized Sunglasses TOREGE Polarized Sunglasses








HD Polarized


Comfortable and Fit


Black Red &Red lens, Black&Black Tips&Rainbow Lens, Black&Ice blue lens, Grey Frame&Rainbow Lens, Transparent Gray&Green Lens, Transparent Gray&Rainbow lens, White&Black, White&Blue, White&Ice Blue lens

  1. Good design. Looks way pricier. There is mention on some of the reviews that this come with a lens color guide, this came with none. I’m having problems finding a PDF to download as the images included in the amazon ad are too small and low res to read.*Update: I was trying to read the lens color guide on the amazon page through a mobile device, you can see the guide a little clearer when viewing through a desktop. Also, the default rainbow lenses work great for baseball on a sunny day. You DON’T want polarized as this will distort what you see and make tracking the ball a little trickier. I typically play competitively at night so I will post an update once I use the yellow lenses.

  2. Best sports sunglasses out there, and they are reasonably priced. This is my daughters second pair, her original ones were bought in 2017. Only reason why I’m buying her a new pair is bc she threw them in her equipment bag numerous times and they have some scratches on the lenses.

  3. Another product for the boyfriend. They are lightweight, they come with interchangeable lenses which is nice. He said they are great for sun protection, probably one of the better pairs of sunglasses he’s owned. I gave it 4 stars for the “for working out” portion only because I’m not sure how well they would stay on with super rigorous activity. They did stay on while he cycled 6 miles without issue. No complaints!

  4. I don’t usually write a review, unless I’ve had a really bad experience. Or a really good one. This review is because of the excellent customer service I received after I broke my sunglasses.I purchased these glasses in November 2017 as one pair among many, searching for the right pair for running. Here’s what I loved about them: They are lightweight, they stay in place on my face despite the jarring motion of running (even stayed on when I tripped and fell once!), the red lens is truly red, the clarity of vision is outstanding, and they give me clear vision, with an unobstructed view. They are very lightweight. Plus, I think they would fit a wide range of faces, just from the design. I have a smaller, narrower face, and the glasses sit very comfortably on my face. I believe someone much taller than me would find them comfortable, too.The *only* negative is, when I’m wearing a hat, and the temperature outside is around 48F (a cool day for Seattle), they tend to fog up when I start my run. However, I’m sure a good anti-fog wipe would probably take care of that. I may experiment with that later.Last week (August 2019), I actually broke the frame while backpacking. I had put them in a pocket as I had done many times. This time, I don’t know what I did, but I must have really crushed them. I emailed Torege through Amazon by looking at my Orders and clicking the link for them. I asked if that was covered in their frame policy, and they said YES! I sent them a picture of the break, and they sent me a brand new pair of glasses, extra lenses and all!So, YES, they stand by their warranty. I love these glasses, and I’m super happy to get a new pair under warranty.

  5. Los lentes cumplen con sus expectativas Pero no llegaron completo con los 5 lentes de repuestos..eso es engañar o cumplir con lo publicado

  6. For the price your paying they are great. My 13 year old son uses them for baseball and running and he loves them.

  7. These are an excellent value for the money. My husband is a hobby cyclist and lives in these. Changing the lenses is easy and such a nice feature. I’ve bought these twice now!

  8. Lightweight, look good, and high quality materials. These are highly functional sunglasses, especially for the price. I would give a higher rating, but I find that they just aren’t as comfortable as my more expensive sunglasses (shimano), and they do not resist movement during activity quite as well. Still, an excellent bargain at the price point. Well made, and recommended.

  9. Red, black, and yellow lenses, good case, comfortable to wear. Sturdy case so it should have no problem keeping everything from breaking. Come with an extra rubber nose cushion so that was a nice bonus.

  10. comfortable for bike riding long distances, no pinching

  11. I love that there’s a million lenses for this thing and it’s such a great price. The material isn’t the strongest so I fear it breaking but that’s what we get for the price. In terms of comfort, its alright. I found that it sat weird on my nose and ears. Used for baseball.

  12. Just unpacked the sunglasses. However, the polarized lens has micro scracthes on them.UPDATE::: GOT MY REPLACEMENT POLARIZED LENS FROM THEM.. I’M HAPPY NOW !!

  13. I’ve had a pair for about a year and left them at a ball game. They’re great glasses. Had to get another pair. The different colored lenses are terrific and easy to change.

  14. They fit on my head nicely, the lenses change super easy and they are perfect for fishing! My dad and grandpa ended up buying some as well!

  15. These are great sunglasses, especially for the money. You could pay more, but WHY!! The lenses are easy to swap as the sun and weather change, great for golfing in all conditions!! The frame cracked after extensive use and I contacted customer service, they let me know what I needed to do to get a free replacement (which was very easy). They emailed me that my replacement was approved and the estimated time I would receive the frame!!! That’s great customer service!! I am going to order another pair of sunglasses as they offer many styles and options. Well done Torege!!

  16. These Sun glasses makes sight so much better in the bright light and it looks good

  17. My husband loves these glasses. He is waiting for his second eye to be done { cataract} and the sun makes his eye water. This glasses help immensely.

  18. Love em. Lens easy to change. Comfortable. Look good. Do not fog when I bike or run (reason I bought these pair I was using did). Light. Good buy

  19. I especially approved of these with the carrying case and the interchangeable lenses it’s well worth it!

  20. These are good for the money. First pair ordered earlier this year came with 5 different lenses including a clear one that I used the most. After losing them i ordered another pair and they only came with 3 lenses: a red, yellow, and grey. The style of the frame changed also. My other lenses don’t fit the new frames. Now I have to buy a pair of clears to wear in the woods.

  21. Great price…Interchangeable lens work for a wide range of light conditions. They fit well (at least for me) and are light. weight. They are a good alternative to the more expensive sun glasses…..

  22. Purchased these for bicycle riding. Light weight, snug fit and good sun protection. Wrap around is nice to keep more wind out.

  23. I’ve bought 4 pairs of these in different colors. I have a large head. They are fantastic.

  24. Bought these for my son for his birthday.. He picked them out and he loves them! He wears them every day and the different lenses are a bonus!!!

  25. My husband loves them they work very well. Very durable and he is still able to see everything he needs to see while wearing them. He uses them when he goes golfing and practically all the time

  26. Really wasn’t expecting much from these. I figured they’d break instantly, or there would be some other catch. But no! It really does have multiple lenses, and they change out easily, and they work well in their different settings. They are impressively scratch-resistant; sometimes I’d come home bleeding from all the limestone thrown into my face, but the glasses protected my eyes and held up well doing it. The frames have just enough flexibility to avoid cracking. They draw genuine compliments. The raccoon-eyes from months of riding a motorcycle in Central America proved to me that the UV coatings are good. My only gripe has nothing to do with the product–it’s that my eyes are old and I really need contacts to ride safely with these now.

  27. These are great to reduce glare, but the lenses do tend to distort things just slightly. For just being outside or driving, they’re great. For something like golf, they won’t provide the kind of contrast to see the ball against the sky like a better quality lens. I still consider them great value.

  28. Love these sunglasses there’s five lenses in each case. Comes with case rope to hold them around your neck and a nice silk sheath to put the glasses in and a cleaning rag for them. You get 5 pairs of glasses in 1 the frame is solid but a bit flimsy if wiggled. Don’t let your kids play with them and they’re solid

  29. Great product for the price. Came with a lot of lens that I havent found a lot of use for, but the sun protection lens is good. They protect just as good as my more fashionable Ray Bans that I don’t wear for outdoor activities.

  30. Very nice and confortable. This is my second pair that I bought. I lost the first one.

  31. Great value really nice and very versatile would recommend

  32. Today was my first day trying out these new glasses I purchased. I work in concrete construction and commuted to San Francisco , CA at 4am.. test #1- Yellow Interchangeable lens(1 of 3) for night driving/working. I was impressed they actually do make a slight difference, not a outstanding but a slight difference for 25+ buck it was impressive actually. Then when the sun came out the yellow tense enhances everything but without glances from lights or sun itself. Test#2 RED Lenser was my favorite apart from looking like Cyclops they are really clear no glares, almost feels like they enhanse the Vision a bit but me personally going through 10’s if not hundreds of safe glasses these are my favorite. PPE is a major priority in Union jobs for those who know what Iam talking about. I dont know how great they are with impacts from flying debree YET but they feel like they wont do too bad but as far as price and quality- SOLID 4 STARS eventually in my line of work they are going to break and get damaged and wouldnt mind spending another $25 + to grab another pair.

  33. Use these primarily when driving at work. Lenses are easy to swap for the extra sunny days.

  34. I use the blue lenses and have not switched out to any of the others. I really enjoy wearing these

  35. I’ve had these several months now and I really can’t complain. For the price they are really quite good. I’ve had several pair of Oakley sunglasses in the past, all of which have failed miserably in a number of different ways. Extremely irritating considering the price. So, I refused to spend big money on sunglasses again. I’ve used these Torege glasses with the blue lenses on since I purchased them… they work very well. Do a nice job cutting down on glare and haze, wrap nicely, stay on my face well, don’t fog up and so far, have held up. I’ve used them for running and other sports on the beach all thru the summer and into the this fall and so far not one complaint. Definitely pleased with this purchase and would buy them again. No more wasted money on overpriced Oakley junk.

  36. Nice looking, good protection, stylish and sporty.

  37. Very nice plastic lens sunglasses. Excellent solar protection, low distortion, lightweight.

  38. I got these for my sister as an early Christmas present when she lost her other sunglasses during Halloween.Immediately upon opening the box… “Ooooooo!”Immediately after putting them on with the polarized frames… “Ahhhh!!!”Yes, I think we have a winner!

  39. As I always do, I screwed up and left my Oakley’s somewhere, so I needed a replacement, and I wasn’t about to pay Oakley prices just to lose them again. I’m glad I didn’t, because I actually like these a lot better than the Oakley’s they replaced! They’re comfortable, look good, and do their job well. The polarized lens is great for general visibility, especially in a dark lens, and the yellow lens is outstanding for driving. It does a great job brightening up gloomy days and adding contrast to increase visibility, yet still protects your eyes when the sun comes out. It took me a couple tries to get the hang of changing the lens, but now that I’ve got it figured out, it’s quick and easy. The storage case is very nice and durable. They also came with a good quality cleaning cloth, and a nice soft 2-slot sleeve to store the spare lenses in when not in use – and it all fits neatly in the case with the sunglasses.

  40. I use these for target shooting and competition shooting. They’re holding up pretty good. I’ve dropped then a few times and even taken a shell casing to the lens, and not even a scratch.

  41. I ride a mountain bike a few times a week. Most of my free time is outdoors in southern California. Having great active sunglasses is something I know about.For decades I’ve paid a lot of money on sunglasses at retail stores. When our favorite bike shop closed, so did our go to place for sunglasses. My wife found these online, which were a fraction of what we’ve been paying. She loved them. I followed with a pair for me. They were awesome, until the frame broke!I immediately was angry buying cheap glasses and felt my money was wasted. It was past the return window. I decided to tech the seller expecting the typical we’re sorry, but….. response. Nope! Within two emails I now have a new pair coming! Their service and fast response were awesome.For me, I very happy and just ordered a different color. I highly recommend these glasses. If they break, the seller has your back.

  42. cool because easy to change out the lens from orange to polarized to mirrored so like 3 pairs of sunglasses in one.

  43. Great sunglasses. As good as Oakley at a fraction of the price. Now I own three pairs of these(I misplace glasses a lot😂). My older pair (bout a year) have held up well. Overall great value, I definitely recommend!

  44. Excellent sunglasses at a great price! I love the ability to change out the lenses quickly. Instead of having a pair for driving, fishing, rc plane flying I just have the one small kit and just swap out lenses as needed. The qaulity is great and holding up well.

  45. They are cheap, it easy to tell by touching them. But it is a good buy for the price.

  46. Love these glass especially for the price. I have two pairs now one for the house for everyday use outside and the other for my Semi for long hours of driving. They fit comfortably, look really good and are really light. The one down side is the arms on the glass are really long and kinda of interfere with wearing a hat but thats easy to deal with. I have received alot of compliments about how they look to. If you are looking for a cheap pair of sunglasses this is the way to go you will be satisfied especially with all of the choices of lens you get plus it comes with a cloth case and hard case to put the glasses in.

  47. Very surprised at the quality of the sunglasses. They’re well made, light weight, and the fit is just right. I bought them to wear while playing golf and the rainbow lenses work very well. Overall I’m very pleased with my purchase.

  48. Wow I completely recommend the sunglasses they come in a packet with everything that you need and extra stuff very good quality well worth of their money

  49. My husband really likes the polarization that comes with these glasses, the color on the outside also looks nice on him.

  50. Husband loves these! Says they are skittish and block sun very well!! Our older daughter said they look like designer glasses! Great quality!!

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