Tarp Cover Silver / Black Heavy Duty Thick Material, Waterproof, Great for Tarpaulin Canopy Tent, Boat, RV or Pool Cover!!! - 12X12,.Silver-Medium Weight Protection

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  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • This tarp cover is great as a canopy tent when camping, or to cover your RV boat or pool.
  • Tarp is made from extra strength weave and has a heavy duty double laminated coating.
  • It is sun and fade resistant and rot & rust proof and is available in assorted thicknesses and colors: White, Blue, Brown, Green and Silver.
  • It has a rope reinforced hem and heat sealed seams and grommets every 3 feet.
  • Product measures according to finish size and not cut size which is labeled on the package.

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Tarp Cover Silver / Black Heavy Duty Thick Material, Waterproof, Great for Tarpaulin Canopy Tent, Boat, RV or Pool Cover!!!

Product description

Size Name:6X8 | Color Name:.Silver-Medium Weight Protection

THE MOST DURABLE & HIGHLY PROTECTIVE TARP IS FINALLY AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!!! TIRED OF THIN TARPS THAT WEAR AND TEAR WITHIN WEEKS? SEARCHING FOR A RELIABLE AND COST EFFECTIVE TARPAULIN THAT PROTECTS YOUR BELONGINGS DURING THE MONSOONS AND WINTER? Search no further, the # 1 best heavy duty tarpaulin on Amazon is right in front of your eyes. The unparallel quality of the thick material is enhanced to be more protective from adverse weather conditions and other contaminants such as mildew, mold etc. This high quality waterproof tarp will protect your gadgets the right way. HOW CAN IT HELP YOU? – It can be used as a pool cover during winter months to prevent water, mud and dirt from filling your pool. – It’s a perfect solution for camping during rainy days. Use to keep you and your family dry. If the ground is wet and muddy, you can also use it as a ground sheet and pitch your tent on the top of it.? – Due to its water resistant properties, it offers incredible protection from water in any occasion. Use it as a cover for your boat, car or home motor. WHY THIS TRAP SHEET THE NBEST OPTION FOR YOU? – Trademark’s tarp has been designed to be durable and offer all around protection from water. It’s made to be stronger and last longer than any other cover sheet you have ever used. – It’s a perfect option if you are looking for a tarp that will give you years of excellent use. It also comes in many different sizes – there is no way you won’t find one to fit your needs perfectly! What Are You Waiting For Click “ADD TO CART” Button At Your Top Right Now, To Get Yours Delivered By Your Door Steps!!

Size Name

6X8, 6X8 (2-Pack), 8X10, 8X10 (2-Pack), 9X12, 9X12 (2-Pack), 10X10, 10X10 (2-Pack), 10X12, 10X12 (2-Pack), 10X20, 10X20 (2-Pack), 12X12, 12X12 (2-Pack), 12X16, 12X16 (2-Pack), 12X20, 12X20 (2-Pack), 12X25, 12X25 (2-Pack), 16X20, 16X20 (2-Pack), 18X24, 20X20, 20X30, 20X35, 20X40, 24X24, 24X30, 24X36, 24X50, 24X64, 25X40, 25X45, 30X30, 30X40, 30X50, 30X60, 30X70, 40X40, 40X50, 40X60, 40X80, 50X50, 50X70, 50X100, 100X100

Color Name

.Silver-Medium Weight Protection, .Silver-Ultra Heavy Duty(20 Mil), Blue-Lightweight Protection, Blue-Medium Weight Protection, Brown-Medium Weight Protection, Brown-Ultra Heavy Duty(20 Mil), Green-Lightweight Protection, Green-Medium Weight Protection, White-Heavy Duty, White-Ultra Heavy Duty(20 Mil), Green-Heavy Duty

  1. Covered my evaporative cooler yesterday with my new 10×10 tarp. Thick material, dark rich brown, rubberized grommets, easy to handle for one person. From the looks & feel of the tarp material, it should be durable. I live in the foothills of northern California – no rain in months & the forecast looks bleak for rain. When it rains, I’m confident my cooler will stay dry. Thanks for a great product.

  2. 3 grommets were not crimped correctly and were just laying in the tarp when I unfolded it.

  3. Very good quality product. I’m using it on top of my Harbor Freight portable garage for added protection from the UV light.

  4. good product, ordered one last year to tarp firewood and it held up so I purchased another one to tarp more wood.

  5. Tarp very heavy duty. Looks like good quality material. I use it to cover patio table during our cold and snowy winter

  6. So far this product hold up to strong winds, snow and rain. I’ve only used it for a couple days, but so far, so good.

  7. A very nice heavy duty tarp. This tarp is built to last unlike the flimsy ones found in most of the big box stores. Would highly recommend for any application where durability is desired.

  8. If your looking for good heavy duty tarp this is the one.Cost a little more than others but worth it. I use these to close in the sides of my carport for the winter.Nice.

  9. Problem with item was that it was a tarp packaged with an inside flyer that called it a “2 pk”. There was only one tarp and apparently there were several other buyers that had the same problem. FACT IS, the seller CONTACTED ME and asked me if that was the case in my instance. It was then that I checked the package as I had not bothered with it after it arrived, other than to toss it aside until I would be ready to use it in a week or two. I confirmed that only one tarp was packaged and they are processing a full refund. They are also trying to figure out how to fix this packaging/label problem so others may not experience this. The tarp itself is not really heavy duty, but no mil specs were indicated when I shopped for it, so being a bit thinner than I wanted would be the fault of myself. If one needs a certain strength tarp they should order by mil spec thickness, imho.

  10. I’ve got a large screened-in porch. It’s great from mid-Spring to mid-Fall, but the rest of the of the year it’s cold; especially when the wind starts blowing. However, with these tarps, it cuts out every bit of the wind, all the rain, and even provides a little insulation. Now I can enjoy my porch all year round, thanks to these tarps. They’re sturdy, decently thick, and look really nice.

  11. I would highly recommend this tarp. It was so worth spending a few more bucks for a quality product.*Color (green/black) is great – the green almost matches my shop trim exactly (it’s covering an ATV under an attached lean-to)*Reinforced corners and a little extra thickness are a big plus AND the grommets are spaced correctly and line up – two thumbs up for sure!

  12. Took this camping and used it under our tent. It was great! Folds up nice and thin, but provided a heavy layer under us.

  13. Really nice tarp. Good value. Nice and heavy gauge. It should last for years

  14. Build quality seems to be good, feels sturdy and should be able to take on tough jobs.

  15. I have donkeys that don’t like being penned, but also hate the wind. Placing these tarps around some horse panels have provided them with a warm, dry area to withstand the winter winds and chill. They were easy to attach and the donkeys found them quickly!

  16. We are loving it. We hung it up on the patio cover to act as a wind and rain shield. It is very durable and is holding up well against the wind and rain, keeping our patio dry.

  17. Really Heavy Duty, so heavy duty it make it hard to cover the tractor at times.

  18. Nice HD tarp…using it as a replacement roof on our greenhouse. Reinforced corner grommets are great…should do the same for the mid-point grommets as well.

  19. Outstanding product like the extra thickness so I am looking forward to a longer life than the ones I have purchased locally.

  20. I have this tarp covering my backyard chairs. The size is true to form and so far it is holding up. Will update if for any reason it does not hold up to the NY winter.

  21. We moved and needed to store some household items out in the weather. These tarps have been awesome !! We put them up the end of September and they are stillCovering our items. We staked the tarps down with tent stakes. Stakes heldMuch better than just rope. Tarps are awesome !!

  22. We received a two-pack of tarps right on time, and put them to immediate use….covering a small fountain on our deck and covering garbage cans in the side yard. They are perfect, and the price point is appreciated. We have no reason to believe that they won’t be durable; they are a nice weight, the dimensions we expected, and ideal for this application. I don’t understand the negative reviews about this product, and am very happy I ordered them!

  23. After receiving my tarp I didn’t realize I had bought a 2 pack. Later that evening I got an email from the company stating some customers had only received one tarp. I opened my tarp package and sure enough only one tarp. I would have never known as I thought I only ordered one. Thanks to this company I now own 2 awesome tarps. A+ customer service. Will buy again.

  24. the tarp is certainly heavy. We are covering some sand bags that we need to protect for a few months. The previous tarp was not so durable and literally fell apart but I think this one will hold up to the winter weather. The grommets appear to be secure and the sewing on the tarp is sturdy. It is a heavy tarp but we were able to fasten it around our pile of sand bags. I think it will be quite water/weather proof.

  25. It was exactly what I ordered and I received it right on time. Great product at a fair price. They reached out to me to cofirm I did indeed receive the two tarp package I ordered and that everything was fine. FANTASTIC customer service. Five star!!!!

  26. These were a good price for the quality. I know from experience they will last me 2 to 3 hard winters over my wood pile.

  27. Lightweight version is surprisingly still very think, I can’t think of any application where you’d need anything thicker.

  28. Not as heavy as I wanted. It will be used outside. Praying that it will hold up to NM weather.

  29. High quality thick tarp. Provides great protection for the jet skies that are under it.

  30. Huge!. Fits my purpose well. Could be a little more durable, but so far so good.

  31. I use tarps in the winter on my chicken coop. I got tired of continually replacing tarps, so I purchased these and now I don’t have to replace them after harsh winds. They not only keep the win out, they also keep rain and snow out. These white tarps allow the sunlight to come in, which my chickens love. I have since covered my coop and all the surrounding walls with these tarps. Several snow and windstorms later, I haven’t had to replace any! Theyre

  32. I used the tarp on the side walls of my carport – works great in the wind – and rain. recommend

  33. I have used this tarp on several camping trips as a tent fly. On my second camping trip, this tarp survived – undamaged – in a thunderstorm with wind gusts and pea-size hail. The tarp also kept the tent from getting wet inside. I did not experience any problems with the grommets or water resistance some reviewers reported experiencing with this tarp.

  34. We bought this tarp to put under a thin rug in our rabbit room to protect our hardwood floors. I am really impressed with how thick and durable this tarp was! Any accidents that have soaked through the rug have been stopped completely by the tarp. The rabbits haven’t been able to destroy it either from digging. If we end up expanding our rabbit room, another one of these tarps will be a must!

  35. Bought this to section off a room during construction, it was perfect for the uses needed. I have since then used it to cover deck furniture during the winter.

  36. Got it to cover my 30′ motor home, to protect it this rainy season until I can get scrap and seal next Summer. Impossible to get it up there because of the weight, by myself! Heaven help me trying to fold it back up for storage! I’ll use it black side up in Winter, Silver in Summer — with provisions to allow ventilation. Not a good idea to cover with a tarp for long periods of living inside.

  37. This is the first time using this product. So far, so good. However, there is a long winter ahead. We will see.

  38. Not enough grommet holes for secure high wind proof fastening but otherwise exactly what I needed.

  39. In order to ensure the win doesn’t rip the tarp apart over time, I always add more grommets around the edges. Ijust wish tarp makers would add more, say every 9 inches.

  40. Our other blue tarp was a LOT thinner and need replacing . GOT THIS and hubby LOVES it- he said it has the same weight and thickness of a pool tarp. He said you could easily make shelter cover from it.Very happy it will def last many yrs!

  41. I’ve been using the lightweight blue tarps to cover two outside fountains but after using for about three winters, they were shot. I decided to get a heavy weight tarp like these white ones and I’m going to be very happy with them. If tied up properly, it’s not blowing away. I just wrapped it once and for a month and half so far, it hasn’t been blowing around at all. It seems very durable, stable and worth the extra money. I should be able to use this for a very long time with hardly any damage, if any. I like these a lot!!!! Highly recommend.

  42. Certainly not as heavy duty as it claims to be, even when buying the “super heavy duty” option, but not bad overall. Don’t appreciate the misleading description.

  43. We just put that on our huge woodpile. About a month ago. So will know more in the spring. So far, so good?

  44. For the cost these tarps seem to be a good value. I’d call them a mid-weight, not heavy but appear to be thicker than some cheap tarps. Not sure of the durability yet, I’m using them to cover a wood pile and just received them a few days ago.

  45. The product is versatile for many uses and is a good value. Only one precaution to those requiring an exact fit, sizes are rounded up slightly

  46. Do you know what UBT stands for? Ugly Blue Tarp. This tarp is pure white and it will not degrade your neighborhood.

  47. This medium strength tarp is very light, but didn’t tear despite significant tension from bungee cords while wrapped around fairly sharp corners around the periphery of a large wood pile. The tarp is being used to help accelerate drying of the wood over the next year or so. If I were to do this again, I’d choose the next heavier gage tarp to resist the occasional 50 mph wind gust it’s likely to see over the next year, but that’s just “gut feel” – I’ll update this post after the first storm puts the tarp and my guesswork to the test.

  48. This tarp is better than I expected. The thickness along with reinforced corners cause me to believe it will hold up for quite some time. I currently have it covering a wood pile and after 2 days of steady rain the wood remained dry. I will be purchasing 2 more tarps soon as I split and stack more wood!

  49. We bought these tarps to use indoors. We have 5 dogs and they were trashing our carpets in the wet, muddy and snowy months here. These tarps protect the carpet so we don’t have to clean it every day. The pups claws don’t break through which is what we really needed. They are durable and protective. Very happy with our purchase.

  50. I used my tarp to cover my pop up camper for the winter months, was very happy with quality and so far it’s been 2 months, a few snow storms ,alot of rain and its holding up nicely. I really like that the white color camaflashes with camper and looks alot better parked in front driveway to the neighborhood instead of ugly blue or green that most people use and looks tacky.

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