Kayaking with Manatees – What You Need to Know

The life is the journeys. A large number of people choose to discover the outside world through their camping, backpacking tourism, or kayaking. The today common is kayaking with manatees – bring you close to wildlife. Do you want to try experiencing?

Well, if you love this activity, you should know something before starting your trip. Particular, what are there? Let’s look at here!!!

Watch out for Kayaking with Manatees

Where to Kayak with Manatees

Initially, you need to determine the location to kayak with manatees. There are some places that you can consider. Here are…

  • Crystal River: It will be a pity to miss if you do not get used to going to Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River. Have more 100 manatees in there; especially, they concentrate a great number in the winter.
  • Apollo Beach: There has a myriad of manatees moving to the warm waters in Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center.
  • Fort Myers: Opposite Florida Power and Light, have Lee County Manatee Park directly located on the discharge-water-warm canal. In the winter, this is a haven because you can see an infinite number of manatees.
  • Titusville: Connecting the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon is the Haulover Canal. With kayakers, they choose the bridge east side to see manatees.

If possible, you should try all four of these place. What a great they are!

Learn about the Kayaking Location

Before starting any journey, you need to learn about that place. So do kayaking. To be able to see manatees, it forces you to have to know when manatees concentrate the most crowded. Study the surrounding terrain. Both the weather and temperature cannot also ignore.

Taking a specific example, you have intended to kayak in Crystal River. You ought to know that this is the center of the Florida Nature Coast located around Kings Bay. The temperature all year round is frequently maintained 72 degrees F.

Aside from that, don’t forget to find out the rules in there. What can you do? What aren’t you allowed? The appropriate times for you begin your kayaking trip. Some destinations have the certain limitation. For instance, Crystal River closes their area at times, November 15th to March 31st because there are too many people coming and interacting with manatees. This one helps to tighten and protect this species from threatening.

Tips for Kayaking with Manatees

With anything, the safety is the first. Keep these tips in mind when you plan to kayak with manatees.

  • Being Beginners, Don’t Kayak Alone

To enjoy your first kayaking with manatees, you should go with another one, who has a lot of experience. They will be able to lead and guide you in order to make sure a manatee-friendly kayak and keep you from the violation.

  • Keep Yourself Cool

In case you recognize manatees swimming toward your kayak, it would be best to keep a certain distance with it. You are not too excited and then make yourself throw off guard.

You should know that manatees can be going to move to you as long as you keep cool. Try not to create lots of commotion and noise. Let paddle in a gentle way.

  • Let Manatees Move the First

There will have manatees moving around your kayak. Not to disturb or harass manatees, you should allow them to move the first. Essentially, you should only kayak with manatees and let themselves approach you.

Remember not to lure or pursue manatees, especially when they are resting or sleeping. Require you to paddle gently and have the patient.

  • Keep Interactions Nice

Like other species, not all manatees are sociable. That’s why you should not take the initiative. Instead, let these manatees decide. When having a manatee approaching you, keep the nice interaction with it.

Don’t recommend holding, poking, harassing, or capturing manatees. Just need to be nice to them, they will move with you.

  • Never Kayak in the Designated Areas

Manatees often eat sea grasses, so they live in the areas having lots of vegetation. There also have the safe and tranquil places so that manatees can sleep and interact together. These areas are defined and marked so as to avoid human violate.

Consequently, when kayaking, you ought to respect and keep your kayak off these manatee locations.

  • Don’t Separate any Manatee from Their Herd

You have to know that manatees under two years of age entirely depend on their mothers. During that stage, younger manatee will learn the way to survive with their mothers. If you separate them from the herd, they can be going to die.

In addition to that, don’t try to feed manatees. Avoid all actions that can make manatees’ behavior.

All in All

Have you remembered what I shared above? Well, kayaking with manatees is an interesting experience, but there are no fewer risks. Whatever you are professional or not, you are not enabled breaking those rules. Let’s respect manatees’ living environment.

On the other hands, taking note these things will help to protect yourself from the risks as well as the punishment. It is necessary to learn and follow the rules in which you plan to kayak. And just kayak alone when you have full of the experience and knowledge.

The last words, I hope that my article is useful for any kayaker, who have intended to kayak with manatees. Don’t forget my tips! Happy kayaking enjoy!!

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