Kayaking Accident – The Bottom Line to Clarify

Kayaking with dolphin or kayaking with a dog is an interesting experience. Discover a wide world, bring you closer to the natural world and wildlife, and know many cool places, not only your country.

But, kayaking still exists the certain risks. And require any kayaker, who must know in order to avoid the pity kayaking accident. Read my article right away to make sure a safety kayaking trip for yourself and your relatives. Let’s see!

Regard to Kayaking Accident – What More Can You Ask for?

What Dangers Are There When Kayaking on the Ocean?

Depending on the place you have planned to kayak, there are the certain dangers. In case you are kayaking on the ocean, the dangers can have…

  • Shark

You will not see sharks in the rivers. Unless you are kayaking in the ocean. In comparison with other boats, kayaks seem smaller. Correspondingly, you will not have any chances to paddle if you unluckily find sharks. Their size is pretty large.

-> Tips: Research your kayaking destination. Be sure that there does not have any shark. Remember that bull sharks often appear in shallow waters

  • Hypothermia

The most common kayaking accident is hypothermia. The causes are due to the wind or rough seas that make your kayak be capsized. And then, the rescuers had not arrived. Frequently, those kayakers paddle alone.

-> Tips: Equip full of the kayaking equipment. Don’t kayak alone if you do not have more experience.

  • Lightning

While you are kayaking, you suddenly hear the sound of the thunderstorm. Along with that, you also see lightning. Don’t have any choice! You should get to shore immediately.

-> Tips: Utilize the low-angle stroke as the lightning often hits the high objects. Remove all metal things.

  • Tide Currents

When kayaking, you do not likely recognize currents taking you far away. Because of not having lanes, kayakers can be going to meet the challenge of the tidal currents.

-> Tips: Compose yourself! Let’s paddle in a perpendicular way to the current. With the tidal currents, require the similar skills. Importantly, need plenty of time and energy.

  • Waves

There will not have any waves if you are kayaking on a river. On the contrary, kayaking on the ocean or sea, you can face the high waves up to 3 feet. The risk of the capsize is very large. What a dangerous they are!

-> Tips: Need a kayak designed to fight against the waves. Wear the helmet to protect you from the bigger breaking waves.

What Kayaking Accident Can You Meet?

Don’t stop! Apart from the dangers, you can still meet other kayaking accidents. Here are…

  • Drowning

This is the common risk when taking part in the activities on the sea including, kayaking. Consequently, you cannot only trust your quality kayak as well as your read-the-water capacity in order to make sure the safety for yourself. It is necessary to have the personal flotation device per your kayaking trip.

  • Dehydration

Around you, the total is water. But, you can ensure that they are clean and safe enough to drink. Well, whatever you are moving in the salt-water or fresh-water environment, they also involve parasites. And kayaking is an outdoor activity that you must always exposure to the sunlight. To avoid dehydration due to sweating. You ought to carry water.

  • Exhaustion

Where is your limitation? When kayaking, you will likely face the rip and tidal currents. They can make you get exhausted. Therefore, you should not plan to kayak over your limit. You also need to use your effort to go back to the shore.

I recommend that you should consider a tide table before you begin kayaking. When the tide is high, it will support you to go back quickly. The worse situation is too far from the shore and you are getting stranded. Let’s call the help from a VFH radio.

By What Means Can You Mitigate the Dangers?

It is difficult to estimate all dangers that can occur while kayaking. Nonetheless, you can completely mitigate them.

  • The risks will increase once you paddle in the further locations from help.
  • Need to have to prepare everything best and have the experience to handle the waters if not you risk of injury is very high.
  • Have the specific and careful plan for trips.
  • Equip full of the necessary gear. Don’t forget to consult the experience from professional before each of trips.
  • Don’t plan to kayak that you cannot handle.
  • Wear the PFD, helmet, jacket, and aka when kayaking, especially, the whitewater kayaking.
  • Wear the sun-proof clothes and put sunscreen on your face, neck, hands, particular, the positions can exposure to the sunshine.

Kayaking is exciting, but it is no less dangerous. Kayaking accident can also occur anytime. Accordingly, keep these things in mind, it will help you have a safer trip.

How? Have you planned to kayak in the coolest places? So, read my article carefully and remember them. We can avoid the dangers, but we can prevent them. Happy kayaking enjoy!!!


  1. […] still exists the certain risks. And require any kayaker, who must know in order to avoid the pity kayaking accident. Read my article right away to make sure a safety kayaking trip for yourself and your relatives. […]

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