Kayak Paddle Cover with How to Protect Your Kayak Paddle

How to travel to Haida Gwaii in case your kayak paddle has problems? You will not be able to kayak any places if lacked a paddle.

Yes, the kayak paddle is the important gear for each of your kayaking trips. Accordingly, you need to protect it from damages. Apart from applying the kayak paddle cover, you also need to know…

Kayak Paddle Cover – Be Not the Only Way to Protect Your Paddle

Care for Your Paddle

Basically, don’t have any special requirement that forces you to care for your paddle unless you have to protect it from the damaging factors during your trip. In case your paddle gets worn or scratched after the finish, you can:

  • Use a fine abrasive so as to sand the worn positions until dull and smooth.
  • Apply the marine-grade polyurethane ~ either 2 or 3 thin layers.
  • Gently rub between coats, by continuing using a fine abrasive to get a better result.
  • Leave dry. You can use it when the final coat has entirely been dry.
  • Use the sandpaper (100 – 200 grit) to sand your paddle in a case of the damaged appearance.
  • Pay a small charge if damaged seriously.

Protect Your Kayak Paddle

The kayak paddle is easy to get damaged for many reasons. But, if you know how to protect it from damage, you can utilize it for an extended period of time. Let’s see!

  • Use epoxy to fix the spot if had.
  • You ought to find and choose a right kayak paddle cover without tightening. Like that, your paddle will avoid dust or wet when you are not using it.
  • It is necessary to ensure the area of your paddle sanded and coated with the fine sandpaper.
  • Protect the paddle blade with tape. You can consult here.
  • Sand or tape your paddle up to ¼ inches. Remember that you are allowed over this number.

Store the Kayak Paddle Throughout the Winter

Does the temperature start changing? The weather has gradually shifted to winter. At that time, what should you do with your kayak paddle?

In fact, in spite of having plenty of manners that help to store your paddle safely in winter, keeping your paddle in the dry state is the most important. Necessarily, store your kayak paddle inside in order to keep it out of the freezing temperatures.

Don’t forget to clean and check your paddle after every use. In the coldest time in a year as winter, never store the paddles inside your kayak or place them outside. Not mention the moisture or the freezing temperature, the sunlight or even rodents can also make your paddling gear damage. Especially, in a case of having water in the blade or shaft of your kayak paddle, freezing will quickly occur.


  • Whatever your kayak paddle is made from the high-grade material withstood the cold weather condition, it can still get broken if the temperature is below zero.
  • Exposing to the freezing temperature for a long time will shorten the lifespan of the paddles.
  • It would be best to store the kayak paddle inside your home or garage during winter.

Any kayaker also understands the importance of a kayak paddle. With a kayak, the kayak paddle will help to discover top amazing places for kayaking in Canada, Europe,…

Therefore, you need to care, maintain, and store your kayak paddle. Not only last the use time but also contribute to saving your budget. You will not have to pay for a new one when you maintain it properly.

It is important that these jobs do not take more time and money. Let’s do those after each trip, by spending a little charge for the kayak paddle cover and using your effort to care, protect, and store your paddle. What a simple it is!!!

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