Ocean Kayak for Fishing: What Do You Need to Know?

An ocean fishing kayak is very enjoyable today. Aside from taking you the interesting places, the ocean kayak for fishing still has the beneficial storage and brings the comfort during use.Nonetheless, to use this kayak properly, you need to have the certain knowledge. Don’t have to find further. Continue reading this article to know more!Ocean […]

4 Ways to Choose the Best Kayak for Long Distance

If you’re finding the best kayak for long distance, my top recommendation is all about sea/touring kayaks. These long and strong touring boats are indeed super-effective over distances. Besides, they can track well and come with a rudder/skeg to cope with currents and wind easily. Plus, it has roomy cargo space to store more stuff. But, are […]

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Do you spend most time for kayaking? I can help you put passion.Those who like adventuring will constantly challenge themselves. Someone wants to enjoy the beautiful view in Na Pali Coast, Hawaii. Others can like seeing humpback whales or Pacific white-sided dolphins in Vancouver Island, Canada. There are too many to tell you.Personally, Rosalie R. […]