Best Tandem Kayak: Top 5 Reviewed In 2018

Tandem kayak is an effective tool to both give you more fun and enjoy a collaborative challenge with your partners. However, like any product on the recent market, even the best tandem kayak also has its advantages and disadvantages. To choose an appropriate model, first of all, you must definitely determine some related aspects. In […]

Kayaking with Manatees – What You Need to Know

The life is the journeys. A large number of people choose to discover the outside world through their camping, backpacking tourism, or kayaking. The today common is kayaking with manatees – bring you close to wildlife. Do you want to try experiencing? Well, if you love this activity, you should know something before starting your trip. […]

Which Is the Best Kayaking Bay Area to Visit?

Summer is around the corner, and the weather becomes warmer and warmer. So, it’s a great time to start an adventure in the ocean. For us, there is no better way than reveling in the beauty of the sea by paddling on a kayak. And there is nothing better than kayaking Bay Area at this time. Similar […]

Where Can We Enjoy Kayaking with Dolphins?

Do you have interest in the aquatic sports, especially kayaking?Or are you keen on seeing and playing with the dolphins?All of my sharing below will be the most suitable for those people who are in love with kayaking and dolphins at the same time. You will discover the incredible places where you can satisfy your […]

How to Prepare Well for a Beginner Kayak Fishing Trip

Kayak fishing is increasingly becoming one of the most popular sport to people at all ages thanks to its various health benefits. However, preparing for a perfect kayak fishing is not as easy and simple as its name.Before launching on a kayak journey, you may be overwhelming of a bunch of technicalities searched on the […]

Top 6 Best Kayak Paddle for A Perfect Adventure

Are you a big fan of kayaking?Or are you only a beginner of kayaking?Well, one of the great things about kayaking is that almost anyone can do it regardless of your experience. But you need to understand that if you develop the good paddling technique, you are going to paddle more efficiently, and you will […]

What Size Trolling Motor for Kayak You Need to Know

Kayaking is your favorite outdoor activity, isn’t it? And you often kayak in a larger coverage, right? So, why don’t you try a trolling motor? In comparison with padding, it is more beneficial and flexible and allows you to control and get the speed better.Nonetheless, to get these things, you need to know what size […]

Kayaking For Baby Boomers

Nature exploration is not only for young people. Baby boomers are the generation with a high awareness of protecting and maintaining their health as well as their happiness thanks to entertainment activities and traveling. One of the most popular kinds of travel for baby boomers today is kayaking, especially in the areas near the water […]

Protect Your Feet with The Best Water Shoes for Kayaking

For comfort and safety while kayaking in Miami or anywhere, preparing the best water shoes for kayaking is the first and foremost thing that you should consider. It’s because these shoes will offer necessary traction to keep you safe on slippery areas. Besides, they protect your feet from falling or meeting sharp objects that you might […]

How Much Do Paddle Boards Weigh? Find the Right One for You!

Paddleboards are one of the quickest growing sports in these days, the opportunities of seeking the true board for those who “fall in love” with paddle boarding is more important than ever.However, choosing the right board for you is a bit daunting task when you have no idea about its dimensions or how much do […]