Some Interesting Information About Kayaking Event That You Might Not Know

If you are a big fan of water activities, this article is for you.You know, kayaking is more and more popular all over the world. This fantastic activity can help you improve your health and release your stress after work. But there are a number of matters that you may not know about this sport.Do […]

Kayaking In Ha Long Bay, Vietnam – A Must Try Experience In South East Asian Region

You may have heard of kayaking in Laos or Thailand. But if you have not heard of Ha Long Bay, then you really have to think again. Kayaking in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam in the sunset is an unforgettable experience.Imagine yourself exploring the limestone caves in the middle of the sea with fishing villages hidden […]

Time to Go Mangrove Kayaking Before You Regret

Kayaking has been well-known as a favorite outdoor activity that attracts many enthusiastic activists. This sport includes both tight turns and steep loops like in a roller coaster, and serenity of the natural surroundings. Mangrove kayaking is a flatwater type of kayaking. Today we will get to understand why this water sport has become the […]

Top 5 Best Kayak Fish Finder Of 2018 With Unbelievable Performance

Getting bored of casting the rod out of the fishing kayak? And, praying for getting even a slight hint of a fish bite? Forget those days. The right “fish finder” is what you need. “Kayak adventures” await!Kayak fishing tripAll fish finders have the same target; however, with the rising fish finding technology, different options are […]

How To Make Kayak Paddle Holder Diy With High Efficiency

There’s nothing more enjoyable than the awesome feeling of floating only a few inches above the lake or ocean water in your kayak. Kayak paddle holder is used for the better organization and decluttering of the interior space on all kayaks. For that main purpose, The best kayak paddle holder will deliver the users with a […]

Canoe Rental – a Daunting Task to Undertake before Canoeing

Canoeing is the most amazing outdoors everyone can do and enjoy with their families and friends. You can purchase a kayak or a canoe. However, if you do not take part in this activity on a regular basis, then thinking of the canoe rental will be a good idea. Canoe rental is also a hot […]


Kayaking is an interesting and relaxing sport which attracts million paddlers each year. Thanks to kayaking, we could easily immerse ourselves in nature and make the most of the fresh air. Moreover, we could enjoy tranquil space which hardly exists in the bustle city life.When it comes to kayak, there is no sharp – tongue […]

Top 4 Best Kayak Manufactures

Kayak is an attractive and well – known sport which offers kayak enthusiasts a unique and breathtaking view of waterways. In the current market, kayaks come in numerous types, sizes, designs, and prices. Hence, choosing a suitable kayak seems to be a hard task. But don’t worry as I’m here to support you, below are […]

Kayak Paddle Cover with How to Protect Your Kayak Paddle

How to travel to Haida Gwaii in case your kayak paddle has problems? You will not be able to kayak any places if lacked a paddle. Yes, the kayak paddle is the important gear for each of your kayaking trips. Accordingly, you need to protect it from damages. Apart from applying the kayak paddle cover, you […]

Kayaking Accident – The Bottom Line to Clarify

Kayaking with dolphin or kayaking with a dog is an interesting experience. Discover a wide world, bring you closer to the natural world and wildlife, and know many cool places, not only your country. But, kayaking still exists the certain risks. And require any kayaker, who must know in order to avoid the pity kayaking accident. […]