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Do you spend most time for kayaking? I can help you put passion.

Those who like adventuring will constantly challenge themselves. Someone wants to enjoy the beautiful view in Na Pali Coast, Hawaii. Others can like seeing humpback whales or Pacific white-sided dolphins in Vancouver Island, Canada. There are too many to tell you.

Personally, Rosalie R. Collins – a kayaker born a suburb of Chicago, Arlington Heights, has spent most of my youth time to conquer the strange destinations, Clifden, Florida, Alaska, etc. I never think that I will stop my journeys.

Look for the best kayaks. Learn about the ideal places to kayak. Take note all after each trip. Importantly, don’t stop to study the experience from other professionals. It can say that most of my time is on the river. What a great it is!

So, is there difficult?

Of course, for the first time, when you are still a beginner, you will have count less questions and problems related to kayaking. What will I wear? What should I carry? How will be when I do not know boating?... I cannot list the whole.

Actually, it is not easy to overcome that time.

Luckily, I met lots of predecessors, who are rich in experience and then teach me. From zero, I have gradually become a real kayaker.

“Let’s show your level, then, people will guide and share with you what they know” – I learned this, after all.

That’s why I build this web. The simple thing is to share. I share my experience. You share what you wonder. Don’t have any promise at here. I will only act. Your progress or success is a clear proof.

You like discovering and adventuring. You are not afraid of challenges. It is noticed that you love kayaking. Come on! We will kayak together.

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