Kayaking is an interesting and relaxing sport which attracts million paddlers each year. Thanks to kayaking, we could easily immerse ourselves in nature and make the most of the fresh air. Moreover, we could enjoy tranquil space which hardly exists in the bustle city life.

When it comes to kayak, there is no sharp – tongue when saying that Pennsylvania is a true paddler’s heaven. It’s blessed with a bunch of rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes all across the nation for canoeing and kayaking. If you are going to kayak, please check out this article as it is all about PA kayak registration.

A complete guideline on PA kayak registration

Before heading to a complete guideline on PA kayak registration, let’s take a look at a list of vessels.

Crafts that require registration

  • Powerboats which are used a diesel, electric and gasoline motor.
  • Pleasure boats which are verified by the US Coast Guard
  • Sailboats which make use of diesel, electric and gasoline motor
  • Unpowered boats which are made use of at access areas or PFBC at Pennsylvania state parks
  • Unpowered boats which are expected to be registered by the possessor.

Crafts that don’t require registration

  • Unpowered boats which aren’t made use of at access areas or PFBC lakes and Pennsylvania State Parks.
  • Unpowered boats which have a Launch Permit for entry to State Parks and PFBC areas.
  • Unpowered boats which aren’t expected to be registered by the possessor.
  • Boats which are registered in other states and not being utilized in Pennsylvania for more than a period of 60 days.
  • Other unpowered swimming aids and surfboards
  • Commercial boats which belong to Federal inspection and manning requirements

What you will need to follow this guideline

  • Application for Pennsylvania Boat Registration
  • Proof of ownership
    + Out – of – state vessel title
    + Bill of sale+ Invoice
    + The Origin of Manufacturer’s Certificate
  • Registration Fees
  • PFBC Use Permit
  • State Park Launch Permit
  • Application for Pennsylvania Boat Registration
  • Request for Duplicate Certificate of Registration

Step by Step Instructions

The process of kayak registration is the same as car titling as both of them are issued by Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC). It is accountable for generating and controlling Pennsylvania’s state boating laws. PA kayak registration is divided into 3 types:

  • New registrations

Option 1: Short-term registration in person

You could get hold of a short-term registration (or so-called impermanent registration) in person by coming to certain PFBC offices. If there is no PFBC office near you, you could register in a legal Boat Registration Agent.

The temporary registration (or also called the T – sticker) will permit you to use your kayak while processing the permanent registration.

You have to fill in the boat registration application and give ownership’s proof. For example, bill of lading, invoice, out – of – state title, invoice or certificate of origin.

Short – term registrations are certified at Commission region offices by authorized agents. This permits the kayak to be made use of while the impermanent registration is processed.  

Option 2: Register by mail

Step 1: Prepare several documents as below:

+ A fully – made application for Pennsylvania Boat Registration

+ Valid proof of ownership including:

   The Origin of Manufacturer’s Certificate

   A copy of boat’s invoice of sale

   Out – of – state boat title or current accurately – assigned Pennsylvania.

+ All registration fees and applicable watercraft title

Complete the application for PA Boat Registration

Step 2: Send the fully – done application and sufficient supporting documents and payment to the address below:

PA Fish and Boat Commission

Division of Licensing and Registration

P.O. Box 68900

Harrisburg, PA 17106

Step 3: Once the application form is processed, the Commission will send a PA registration which comes along with validation decals.

The kayak registration will be valid in a 2 – year period and expired on 31st March of the final registration year.

Option 3: Register directly with PFBC

Step 1: Register your kayak with the PFBC

PA kayak registration fees for 2 years range from $20 to $50, depending on the type and the size of the vessel. Kayaks are expected to display the stickers only.The canoes are expected to display the registration number of the boat and the registration stickers. So in both cases, the authentic registration card has to be brought along by the boat.

Registration can be fulfilled through PFBC’s office in Harrisburg. It will be handled by all PFBC legal registration issuing agent or through the majority of county courthouses. You have to prepare a copy of sale receipt proving that you paid sales tax, no matter how you purchase it (new or old boats bought through a dealer).

In addition, non – powered boat which valued less than $2000 will don’t require an MCO (Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin). In case you purchased used kayak from a private individual, purchased from out – of – state, you could contact to PFBC. If you no longer keep the paperwork of ownership, please ask PFBC for pieces of advice.

Step 2: Buy a PFBC Use Permit

It is available from the sources listed above. This permit doesn’t require a displayed registration number. It costs $10 for one year and $18 for a period of 2 years (other agent fees aren’t counted) and covers up the use of DCNR waterways. Furthermore, it doesn’t require the proof of ownership.

Step 3: Buy a State Park Launch Permit

The State Park Launch Permit is available from all DCNR headquarters or State Park offices in Harrisburg. It costs about $10 for one year and $18 for a two – year period. Also, it covers the use of all State Park waters and land, also surrounding property and PFBC boat ramps. The State Park Launch Permit is applied from 1st April to 31st March. 

  • Renewals

Kayak registrations are expired on 31st March of the period’s last year and renewed on the cycle of 2 years. The renewal card will be sent to the boat’s owner before expiration. There are two ways to fulfill renewals:

Option 1: By mail

Put the finishing touches to the renewal card then return with payment.

Option 2: Renew online

Visit the secure e-commerce site of the Commission.

Some regulations that all paddlers have to obey:

  • All kayaks launched in Pennsylvania’s forests and parks have to display one of the following:
    + Boat registration and launching permit from Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC)
    + Mooring permit or launching permit from Pennsylvania parks
  • All paddlers have to conform to both the regulations of forest district or state park and boating regulations of PFBC.
  • Notably, according to Pennsylvania’s laws, from November 1 to April 30, all paddlers have to wear life jackets. However, it is advisable to bring along life jackets as there are various dangers outside.
  • All children who are under 12 years of age are obliged to wear life jackets on all kayaks.
  • All non – powered boat have to equip sound – producing devices
  • Alcohol is completely banned on PFBC property and in PA state parks while driving a canoe or kayak. Additionally, it is not legal to use any craft while being affected by the controlled substance and alcohol. Crafts include kayaks & canoes, non – powered or motorized. You will be fined up to &7500 and 2 years of jail and loss boating privileges up to 1 year.
  • All kayak and non – powered canoe have to equip a handheld white light. It is able to turn on and holing overhead in case it approaches other watercraft, to stay away from the collision.

In conclusion, there are several ways to register the PA kayak. For example, register contemporary registration, long-term registration, renewals. For the sake of rapid process, you should prepare sufficient required documents.  Application for Pennsylvania Boat Registration, PFBC use permit, State Park Launch permit, proof of ownership are must-have items.

The PA kayak registration seems to be complicated at first. However, when you understand its procedure, it is not as difficult as you think. Remember to follow my guideline, and I’m sure that registering PA kayak will be as easy as pie to you.

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