How to Prepare Well for a Beginner Kayak Fishing Trip

Kayak fishing is increasingly becoming one of the most popular sport to people at all ages thanks to its various health benefits. However, preparing for a perfect kayak fishing is not as easy and simple as its name.

Before launching on a kayak journey, you may be overwhelming of a bunch of technicalities searched on the Internet. To facilitate your adventure, read the whole information of beginner kayak fishing guide mentioned below.

How to prepare well for a beginner kayak fishing trip

How can beginners set up a kayak for fishing? What are essential gears for a fishing kayak? How to kayak fish effectively for the first time? They are some among the most common questions of beginner kayak fishing.

Check our useful guide to beginner kayak fishing to find the answers.

Select a suitable location

A suitable fishing place will decide whether you can achieve the best results or not. Kayak fishing is not limited in a lake, on the beach or a stream. Forget the misconception that you’ll get expected results in a further location.

You should go fishing in your kayak in a prepared circular route to save your time and energy. Otherwise, you’ll be tired all day trying to paddle in a long distance without any result.

Choose your right kayak and handle it well

A suitable kayak for fishing should be of good size and width. Commonly, fishing kayaks range from 10 to 14 feet, and they are designed for different purposes. If you want to enjoy a fishing trip alone, choose a shorter kayak to control it easily.

Choose a longer boat if you come with your fishing team. To select a kayak with perfect width, choose a wide one to enjoy the stability on the water surface. If you want to paddle fast, a narrow kayak is a good choice.

Whatever you will decide, ensure that it will provide enough room for essential fishing gears. Remember to practice paddling well before your adventure, choose a waterway close to your living space which you know well.

A good kayak along with good paddling skill will allow you to kayak fish effectively. Choose one of the useful baits such as spinnerbait or crankbait to help you steer the boat in the right direction. They provide better resistance to adjust your kayak well.

Pack safety gear for your journey

Learn how to pack a tool for safety well for a perfect fishing trip on your kayak is extremely important to beginners.

Safety gear is the leading item to care on fishing pack list in case you will be in an emergency. Purchase yourself a PFD before your journey to save your life instantly.

Use an anchor well

If you are one of the first-time kayak fishermen, never stop thinking of handling an anchor effectively. Most beginners choose a folding anchor for their very first fishing adventure thanks to its easy usage.

This kind of small-scale anchor weighting from 2.0- 4.0 lbs allows the fishermen to store easily and conveniently in a suitable carry bag. Moreover, if you prefer a larger one, stake-out poles is another perfect option for flats fishing.

Many beginners are afraid of anchoring, but this is the essential item to offer the stability in windy weather or when you want to stay in a certain place in offshore areas.

Be careful of current anchoring if you don’t want to see that your kayak is pushed under water [1].

Cast with one hand like a pro

This is one of the most difficult skills for anglers to adjust the fishing kayak well when fishing from the river bank. Not all of the stable kayak can offer certain stability for fishermen to tackling fishes without worrying about the boat movement.

Sitting in a stable front deck of a fishing kayak requires you to manage the paddle well to maintain the certain position during the fishing process. Control to cast your boat with one hand well will ensure the best results as well as your safety.

Paddle with one hand

When does kayaking season start? This may not be what kayak fishermen care about once they are craved for their first-time kayak fishing trip in stunning nature. Of all the kayaking skills, one-handed paddling is the basic technique. 

This skill focuses on how to handle your paddle with just one hand during your journey. This might seem a little weird to most readers because they don’t know why they can’t just paddle simply with both hands.

This technique is used when you are both fishing on and steering your fishing kayak to avoid a dangerous branch of a tree. Remember doing research of controlling a paddle with a forearm in advance to use your boat as a paddle for a canoe. 

This technique is one of the hardest but most useful tips to support a successful kayak fishing adventure for beginners. Use your intelligence in the right situation like mentioned above is an essential element.

If you can understand the key point of paddling with one hand, maneuvering a fishing kayak in the right position while tackling a fish will not bear any difficulties to you in your beginner kayak fishing trip.

However, in case you fall into an emergency case or in common kayak paddling, don’t try to handle your paddle to show your professional skill, save your life with your two hands.

Understand the fish

Reading to know the life cycles of fishes is an extremely crucial element to decide the success of your adventure. Surf the Internet to find out where exactly a type of fish does exist to kayak fish that place. 

Therefore, you’ll know the right place of your fish to go in the right route. Remember to expand the list of your target at fishes instead of limit in just one kind of fish. Learn some kayaking techniques before launching your trip is also crucial.

Other pieces of advice

Important items

To aid a great fishing trip on the waterway, you need to bring along important items including gloves, first aid kit, kayak repair kit, flares, a headlamp, paddle leash and a whistle.

Protect your skin 

Keep your skin healthy from harmful sunlight in the whole afternoon in nature will allow you to fish in comfortably and maintain your health in the long term.

Always bring along waterproof sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and clothing to protect your skin from harsh sunlight.

Prepare enough food and water

You may experience the first fishing journey in a kayak outside for a long time, so pack plenty of purified water, and delicious food will help relieve your boredom while waiting for the fish to bite.

You may never know exactly how many calories burned kayaking. Therefore, prepare water-rich products such as watermelon or cucumber to avoid losing the dehydration during your adventure.


Kayak fishing is becoming more and more popular among sports lovers all around the world thanks to its large number of advantages. Each fishing trip in your kayak will bring you essential experience as well as health benefits in the long term.

This useful article sorted out the need-to-know list of first-time fishermen during a kayak fishing process to get the best results as well as ensuring their safety.

Before you decide to start your beginner kayak fishing trip, preparing essential knowledge and techniques is extremely important. Reading our tips will help you. Don’t mind sharing this useful pieces of information for your family and friends!




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